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    Rolemaster Creature XML format for skills?

    I've started making a new module for all my various custom creatures etc. I've got most of it figured out but I'm having a hard time adding skills. I looked at the character XML and copied the perception <skill> block over to the creature. The skill is now showing up on the creature skill tab, has dice I can roll, but all the numbers are showing up 0 and nothing is being added to the rolls. How would I set up the XML so I could have say Perception with a total mod of +38? Thanks!

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    Here is a sample skill so you can see the layout:
    					<bonus type="number">25</bonus>
    					<locked type="number">0</locked>
    					<name type="string">Climb</name>
    					<open type="windowreference">
    						<recordname>[email protected] Law</recordname>
    					<ranks type="number">4</ranks>
    Try dragging a NPC from the Non-Player Character Table in Character Law to your campaign and then open the db.xml file for the campaign if you want to see an example in context.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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