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    Steam Key

    I purchased this product through steam and I cant register my key as the product will not accept the key saying it is invalid

    Rather frustrating.

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    Make sure to get your key from the Steam library. Select Fantasy Grounds in he Steam Library, and click the CD Key link on the right side. Then, paste this code into the FG Settings License Key field (and make sure second license key field is blank). Finally, run a new Update after you do that.

    If you’re still having a problem, please send a note to [email protected]


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    Thanks that worked , however it caused another problem the updater file vanished so I verified file and it reinstalled the file I then Updated and the launcher is now showing v.3.3.7 which is correct.

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    Hi there ,

    I noticed in the store, that there a 4 options 2 for subscription ( one standard $3.99 per/month and one ultimate 9.99 per month) as well as 2 options for outright purchase ( one for standard $39 and one for ultimate $149). However the problem I face is that I purchased a standard key from steam and in the store it shows that I am currently subscribed to the $3.99 per month (standard). If I click unsubscribe, it says that it will delete my key and now I am in a state of uncertainty over what to do as I surely do not want to add a subscription on top of a product I have already purchased.

    Your sincerely,

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    That sounds like an issue that only support can resolve. Send an email to [email protected] and explain the position. I suspect that it is just a glitch.
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    Thank you so much, I was about to freak out for a second lol!
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