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    Thanks for doing all of this. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

    Looking at the politician pursuit, there are two features labeled "reassemble" that bug out. One appears blank, the other appears normal.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I've added this to the issue tracker on github.

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    I'll go ahead and bookmark the github page and post any other things I find there, so you aren't having to copy stuff over.

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    Also, see the first post in this thread. I'm in the middle of a big NPC revamp. Some bugs may have to wait on that unless trivial.

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    Thanks for sharing all your hard work!
    Looks great.

    I would love if the community could find a way for Star Ship Control and Combat to be as cool for this, as it is for StarFinder.
    I really like what people have done for StarFinder.

    I am wracking my brain, to find a method just to share a Data sheet, that has everything manually added for starships.
    I am thinking of a Shared NPC, using the Battle Royal extension and a Note or Story entry with the data.

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    The biggest issue with SW5e star ship combat is not the SW5e system, other than it claims to be a 5e system. It is nothing like 5e vehicle combat. So, in turn, because my SW5e extension for Fantasy Grounds is built upon the 5e ruleset, the star ship combat system is not part of the base 5e ruleset.

    If I were to start this over again, I would seriously consider starting with the CoreRPG or Core Plus rulesets. Now, that being said, 5e is built upon the CoreRPG rules. So, there may be a way to shoehorn the space combat rules into this. The Druid Wildshape extension is an example of a character "within" another character (ships in SW5e are kind of like characters more than construct NPCs). But, SW5e has been so fluid and changing, that just getting the basic rules and NPCs into a stable module is enough of a challenge for now. They all need to take full advantage of the FG combat automation, or what's the point? The space combat can still be run, but more like you would on a less capable VTT software.

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the kind words.

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    This is amazing! Thank you so much for creating this.

    Anyone tested it in Unity yet?

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    Minor question, could we get the Classic Yellow star wars logo as a decal? I don't know how to make it myself,If not I can look it up no problem

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    I created a giant star field theme and decal

    So I wanted to help so I created a giant star field Background Image theme, as well as the Iconic Logo as a decal...... I hope this helps some and I would like to help more in the future.
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