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    Character Wizard is under construction for SW5e. As far as I know it has never worked well enough to create a usable SW5e character. Hopefully I'll get that fixed soon.
    My FG implementation of SW5e: ruleset and module

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    New update. Fixed character wizard issues. Plus other fixes.

    And, there is now a new star field background extension (see first post for link) that will override the background of a theme. So, I'm using it with the new FG Dark theme and it looks great for a SW5e game.
    My FG implementation of SW5e: ruleset and module

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    This is awesome! Thanks for all the hard work to port this over!!!

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    Haven't figured it out yet but I'm using your mod and the players when connected to FG from my host game are unable to see the SW5e category under the "groups" filters. They can select it but a lot of the information is being defaulted into "Uncategorized" Or just simply not there for them on their end (not encountering it on my host game). Seems like a FG host connection issue but wanted to report.

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    Sharkness, not sure which window you are talking about. If it's all of them, did you have them go to their Library->Modules and hit the "Load" button on the SW5e module? I recently started a new game and forgot that. It's easy to forget if you don't start new campaigns often.

    (there is no need to have the player's download anything. They get the SW5e extension and module from the GM's server)
    My FG implementation of SW5e: ruleset and module

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    No I have the modules loaded and the players have to have the modules loaded as well is what I meant by having them download it.

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    Ok. I'm using Unity. But, it shouldn't matter, they should both share extensions and modules the same way. I'm also assuming we are talking about the latest v3.x versions of the extension and module.

    When setting up a new SW5e campaign,
    • select the normal 5e ruleset
    • then select the SW5e extension (the extension is required).
    • Start the campaign
    • after you (the GM) starts the campaign, go to Library-Modules, select the SW5e Player Book and hit the "Load" button
    • after each player connects, have them go to Library-Modules, select the SW5e Player Book and hit the "Load" button

    On one occasion I had to have the players exit FG after doing the above and return to see everything, but it has not done that recently

    I advise against having each player load their own copy of the extension and module. Since they are playing your game, they will get it downloaded to their cache automatically. Otherwise you may get conflicts if you update and they do not. I tested this last week on a fresh install of both the GM (Ultimate) copy and the generic player (free) software. It worked great. If you are still seeing issues, I can try it again.

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    I just wanted to say thanks again. I notice that in each version you are not only bug fixing, converting from 2 modules to one, but also adding more content either as it is published or more from fisto's codex. You are awesome dude. keep up the great work. I was hoping that in the next versions you might add the legendary bounty hunters from fisto's. Thanks in advance....

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    Thanks Randor. I added a little, but I find that I've bitten off enough by doing the PHB and Monster Manual (Scum and Villainy). I've had to stop adding any more expanded content.
    My FG implementation of SW5e: ruleset and module

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    Pico, Do you know of any one using your data sets and making Adventure Modules? I am currently in the process of using your version 3.0.2 to convert the FFG Age of Rebellion starter adventure Rescue at Glare Peak for use with fantasy grounds.

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