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    [Cypher System] Cypher Level Random Generation

    Does anyone know of a way (other than creating an item for each level a cypher might have) to have a table that generates a parcel of items and also sets the cypher level? I've recreated the cypher 1d100 table from the Discovery book and have a table that will generate random amounts of cyphers, but it has to use nested tables.

    For example, The parcel generates [1d6+1x] [Cypher List]. [Cypher List] in turns has all the entries for the individual cypher levels (for example [Adhesion Clamps] which rolls a 1d6 to pick a premade item Adhesion Clamps 1, Adhesion Clamps 2, etc).
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    Story templates?
    Not sure that's your solution, but it might be since they can call on tables for random generation.

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