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    My groups and I decided to stick with Savage Worlds Deluxe as we already invested time and money into it, both in FG and outside. We don't want and don't have time to adjust to all changes imposed by SWADE and invest further for the sake of it being new. The switch to SWADE might be in the future, when the core rulebook, supplements and some settings are released under the new version of the rules. Until then we will stick with Deadlands Reloaded, Weird Wars 2 and Savage Worlds Deluxe. Having said that that, I have been testing the new SWD and had few brief sessions to see how it works with the existing campaigns.

    So I found either a bug in the SWD ruleset or a 'feature'. Ikael answered me in Discord, but conversations there are lost or diluted... so I post here to provide my feedback

    TLDR version:
    The Modifiers and Effects lists do not respect the content of the SWD modules when loaded. The lists stay pre-defined. Below is the screenshot from SWD with SWD modules loaded. Turned out that this is a bug and after fix that will be pushed soon, followed by /rebuild on the ruleset, the SWD will properly take the Modifiers and Effects listed in the modules, rather than falling back to the default SWADE lists. Still, the Effects master lists will be reduced, leaving Spell effects out. If GM wants to have some spell effects on the list, it must be dragged to it from the respective spell card.

    Some questions
    1. I saw that Savage Worlds Deluxe modules will be updated and the Powers will have extra section in their card where the actual effects will be placed. Will DLR/WW2/Other modules be updated as well? Most of them have duplicated Powers from the Core but with the setting-specific information and flavor. Some have unique powers. Off the top of my head I recall the Aim power from DLR, but might be others.
    2. How easy it will be to create those draggable effects for powers in modules that won't be updated?
    3. There are great amount of changes listed, will the documentation be updated?
    4. Will all non-spell effects continue to function as they do today and remain available in SWD?
    5. Is there an easy way to have the extensions for NPC maker and Roll statistics integrated?

    The verbose version:
    Our play style involves combat maps, theater of mind for the simpler engagements and chases. The last two do not happen on the map and we run purely on CT and abstract background images for keeping distances and positioning information. Works like a charm. Therefore, we use the ruleset in few different ways, but all functionalities - from the full automation during combat to the manual "old school" ways of doing rolls by applying modifiers to rolls and effects directly applied without the need to have targeting etc. Same for spell effects. This way I accommodate people who don't like to feel like they are playing computer game and the other type, that prefer more traditional way of playing.

    Another great use of the master Modifiers and Effects list (in SW especially) is for reference. In SW we have a lot of actions that modify a roll and many times players themselves just check it and roll, rather than waiting me to tell them. This is great. They also plan some actions based on the things in the list, saving time from checking the module library, as we don't have Reference Manuals in SW/DLR. I love the complete list and we were unpleasantly surprised when we saw the default list. I am glad it seems to be a bug now

    So, I hope in the SWD, when it is released, we will be able to continue playing the same way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikael View Post
    ...SWADE modules are not available yet...
    I apologize if this has already been asked/answered... Do you have any idea when the SWADE module will be released?

    *waiting with bated breath*

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    I've never tried out a ruleset in the test environment until this morning. I like what I saw in my brief tour in a test campaign and am considering upgrading my 2 campaigns prior to the official release, but not just yet. I had a game a couple hours later and notice that when I switched back to Live environment, that all the characters' traits had been reset to a d4. I was able to restore from the prior back up and the game went on. Afterwards I double checked and my other campaign had the same issue. Does this mean I can't flip back and forth between Live and Test (to play a bit more before committing to the switch) without constantly incurring this problem, or was it just a strange coincidence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac40k View Post
    ..Does this mean I can't flip back and forth between Live and Test (to play a bit more before committing to the switch) without constantly incurring this problem, or was it just a strange coincidence?
    Always assume switching back and forth between Test and Live will result in irrecoverable changes/problems. See the first Key Pointy in this post;!

    It doesn't mean you will always have problems, but it means you might and you have been warned

    Also, since Test is not really in public test right now, I would not use it for a campaign. Their are likely to be changes between now and "publication" that are not going to be usable/forward compatible.

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    It's a catastrophe. When the choice box comes up to stick with the old one or convert the new I clicked no and still it forced a change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartynJFogg View Post
    It's a catastrophe. When the choice box comes up to stick with the old one or convert the new I clicked no and still it forced a change.
    I've responded to your similar post in the release thread here:

    P.S. I'm not sure if it's a catastrophe or a disgrace! But hopefully my comments in the other thread will help you get back on track.
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