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    It is true, that Medikiteceive a bit of a neglect treatment in the 1E rulebook.

    I was trying to fill the gaps by deducting the obvious:
    First Aid (especially in combat) needs a medikit. You need analgethics, bandage and so on. So I recon, there can't be unlimited "first aids" in game. At some point, the doc needs to restock his medikit.
    So in my game I allow him to use the medikit as many times as the TL.
    As far as I am concerned, this is a lot anyways. (I am normally not too lenient to my players ... me is a strict god ... hehehe)

    But else, the healing rules from pg. 75 apply.

    Range ... hmmm ...
    I am a player in a DnD 5E group. We play with FG as well. Range does play a role there. Our Chars are always on a map when fighting, and when I target someone, I see how many feet (or meters) I am away from him.
    As range plays an important role in the Travellers firefight, as well as in the healing (applying first aid must be at close range I think), it would be interesting, if this distance can be used somehow to change i.e. the effect of a weapon or prohibit use of first aid ...
    Do you think this can be automated?

    ...just me thinking ...
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    Sooo... not meaning to rush or anything, but is there a Status/Update/Lookout/Timeline of sorts for 1.0.9? How are you doing MBM and can we help you with something?


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    I got the impression that 1.0.9 was targeted for end of Feb, but not set in stone depending on any problems, etc...

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    Evening Folks,

    If I get what I wanted finished tonight, in Test Channel you will have:

    • One Time Characteristic overrides (desktop buttons)
    • Damage Types (Kinetic, Laser, Stun, Radiation)
    • Armour now have resistances rather than protection, ie Ablat shows 'Kinetic 1, Laser 6' - note that I'm going to see if I can downgrade the Laser if it gets hit by a laser weapon...

    Damage Types has taken me longer than expected as I've had a birthday recently (I'm getting old), which involved enough beer to kill the average family car (UK - so tiny).

    But I'm pleased to say that PC's DT's are all done, the data (weapons) have been updated with the correct DT, and I'm working on NPC's....

    I've also fixed NPC damage working with modifiers.

    I've got some refactoring to do, but I'll do that once all the stuff is done and in test.

    And to confirm, Feb is end of Feb, but hopefully sooner, because I also got sidetracked, I've added Spacecraft Data in for the Scout ship (it's in the XML but not in the ruleset).

    So wish me some luck, cheers

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    More Evening Folks,

    So tonights progress:

    Damage Types appear to be working on NPC's and PC's.

    Plus I've got NPC attacks on PC's checking for Armour of the correct type.

    Here's a link to my tweet showing my recent tests.

    Next up, update NPC's.

    Note: You'll have to re-drag the Armour onto the Character sheet, as the Resistances are needed, which the original data didn't have.
    Note: You'll have to either edit your weapons and add the Damage Type to the damage dice, for example 4D6+3 will be 4D6+3 laser (assuming laser here) - or remove from Equipment/Actions and re-drag

    Damage Types available:

    • "kinetic"
    • "laser"
    • "psionic"
    • "radiation"
    • "stun"
    • "fire"

    And for 2300 (part of 1E ruleset though as 2300 was built on 1E)


    I'll push this upto FG tonight, and ask them to drop this into TEST.

    The ruleset should say version 1.0.9 (Beta)

    Please test the Desktop Characteristic Overrides, and add Damage Types/ReDrag weapos and make sure they appear in the Chat Window. Plus if you're feeling good, make sure you've got the proper armour (on the front-tab of the character sheet it will show Protection as 'Kinetic X' etc).


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    Afternoon All,

    FG has pushed 1.0.9. into the Test Channel.

    This morning I've fixed some issues in the CT (cosmetic), plus added Protection to the NPC sheet/CT, which holds information on the resistances, ie 'Kinetic 6'.

    Now I'm updating the CT so that PC attacks on NPC's take into account the correct armour resistance. That then completes the Damage Types work, leaving Psionics.


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    Thanks MBM, ruleset is already great and getting better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardem View Post
    Thanks MBM, ruleset is already great and getting better.
    That's ace of you to say that!

    I've just finished the Damage Type stuff, NPC armour values are removed from the correct Damage Type attacks, means I'm now back on PSI abilities, I need a stiff cup of tea to decide how it needs to work....


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    Evening All,

    Taking a break for dinner and stuff.

    Have re-written parts of the action tab, so that PSI Abilities can be displayed. Next up, add in the psi abilities data to the characters data and then create a class to display it. Phew.

    Managed to add the basic actions now for PSI abilities, linked to the data as well. Need to link the Talent to the Total, and create a rolling action (rather than using the PSI Talent as they are now). Sleep time awaits...

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    Greetings All,

    I completed tonight the next dev for PSI Talents/Abilities.

    You'll have every Ability within a Talent (simply Drag the Talent again into the Talent window and it will add the missing abilities).

    The PSI DM is linked to the Character's PSI Strength DM, the Talent DM is linked to the Talent Level.

    Dragging the dice makes a 'Skill roll' (pretty much), there's no Cost per roll, or Damage roll. As cost varies so much, and Damage itself does, not sure how we can implment a fully automated working system, I'll add that into Wish List for 1.0.10.

    There are a few niggles to address, make the PSI Abilities section collapsable (like the weapons is), fix the PSI Strength reset (on the Actions Tab) and make the PSI abilities Read-only.

    At this time you can't add your own PSI Talents/PSI Abilities. Let me know if this is something required, I've not come across any additional PSI Talents/Abilities in the books I have (or I've forgotten!).

    This will be finished up tomorrow night, I want to add the JoaT to the Unskilled Skill and do those bits mentioned.


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