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    Not sure if this is the right spot to put this

    EDITED: Removed request for copyrighted material.
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    Please no requests for copyrighted material (or offers to share either), even if you own the physical version of the book and can prove it.


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    Upon noticing that this request was in PFS forum, I am unclear whether PFS material is OGL or shareable. One of the PFS experts/captains can help clarify. My apologies in advance if post removed in error.


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    I read somewhere that GMs were able to share their prep. forgive me if I was in error.

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    Yes, that used to be the case. But with some quick research (here), I found out that Paizo have begun officially releasing their material for FG and therefore don't allow private sharing anymore.
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    That is news to me. I did some pretty extensive research before I tried asking. I will check out the link and hopefully be able to find what I need. worst case I just have to figure out how to add it from my book to FG.

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