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    Pathfinder Character Creation..(races, Classes, Feats....)

    I will start by saying I am playing Pathfinder, I have the ultimate license, pathfinder core rulebook, and the rise of the runelords adventure. The material was all purchased through Fantasy Grounds.

    I have been poking around and watching tons of tutorials, read pdfs, etc... and I just want to make sure I am not missing a couple things.

    1- In the instance that I take a feat that adds a bonus to a skill or other, should that be auto updating on the skills sheet? or am I doing something wrong?
    - For example when I add to a druid, animal affinity, it should add a +2 to animal handle checks. Some of the other bonuses from class and race are already added in however the feat is not transposing over.
    2- When creating a wizard, How do we identify the school and opposing schools? I can just add it to the notes but just wondering if for the players that are a little newer I can help them along with future decisions etc...
    - Also would this automatically apply penalties to spells from opposing schools and factor in bonuses acquired for joining a specific school.
    3- When watching a lot of tutorials out there it shows artwork included with the purchase of the books, when I am picking a race, class, etc.. shouldn't there be images associated also with equipment (weapons, armor, etc..) or is that up to me to download somewhere else and add in?

    Thanks just making sure I am not missing updates or steps in my setup. ))New To Fantasy Grounds((

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    I'm not too familiar with the PF ruleset but I'll try to answer nonetheless.

    1. Unfortunately the adjustments from feats won't auto-update, so you'll have to add the bonuses manually.

    2. Having not played one on FG before I'm not too sure but I'd just note the school down next to Arcane school(and opposing schools) under class abilities or under Notes as you suggested.

    Bonuses and penalties would have to be done manually. You could try an effect but it depends on how cluttered you want your combat tracker to be.

    The powers associated with a school you should be able to drag from Special Abilities.

    3. You'll have to look for the images either under Images & Maps or in the Reference Manual (Library - e.g. CRB - Reference Manual).

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