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    Shaintar bennie question

    Suzerain hit a real rough patch at the end of 2020; their kickstarter went kerplewy when a supporting company pulled out at the last minute. Because of that there are a lot of things that just haven't been done. The obvious is there is no new SWADE version of Suzerain or Shaintar. However a good number of folks are trying to make Fan versions. A question I have...are Conviction bennies even a thing in Shaintar? It seems the setting rules allow normal bennies to be used to add a d6 to trait rolls just like Conviction. Is this correct? How are people house ruling Shaintar and Suzerain in general.

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    Cant speak for Shiantar or Suzerain, but think conviction started out as Legendary bennies in DL:R.

    DLWW is using normal bennies and conviction now.

    As far as conviction goes, I am running a Necessary Evil chimera of SWADE, NE, and SPC 2nd. I have given players a conviction at start of personal character arcs (though I think they might have forgotten about them) and will give another at conclusion of arc.
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