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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenan View Post
    I must have forgotten to do a diff at some point. Usually, I make sure my script is identical to the original except for the specific changes I make.
    No worries, I thought so that this may have happened

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    v1.14 released to Forge and attached to post #3 for FGC users. This is a FG 4.2.0 compatibility release, no new features or functionality.

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    is line 500 of manager_action_attack supposed to be rRoll? it still says rAction.
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    Did I miss one? I'll fix it, thanks.

    EDIT: 1.15 pushed to the forge and attached to post #3. Thanks bmos.
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    Sory if I missed this, but when I attempt to add another stack (of mirror image) to a PC, I get an 'Already Exists' message instead of an increasing count of images.

    EDIT: disregard. Operator error. It helps to activate the extension before you load the campaign...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelrugem View Post
    Schneiderpants, I now updated all my versions of extended automation and overlays; can you test again?

    @darrenan: Some parts of your code may be a bit "outdated" in sense of some smaller changes of the attack code, needed for compatibility with other extensions (like adding script names in front of local function calls), and the modifierstack script got deprecated and may be erased completely somewhen such that one needs to switch to ModifierManager (the current attack script already does that, so you would just need to copy that )
    Sorry it took me so long to reply, but this is now working correctly. Thanks to both of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schneiderpants View Post
    Sorry it took me so long to reply, but this is now working correctly. Thanks to both of you!
    Cool, you're welcome And no worries, no need to apology of course

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