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    Quick session report:
    • Euric, Leaf Sole, and Achernar learned about the tense situation awaiting ahead of them in Beorning lands through conversation with Beran;
    • Beran appealed to each of them to help the plight of the Beorning familes under duress from Vigulunding agression. He asked each for help, appealing to them emotionally, and Euric and Achernar agreed; while Leaf Sole said he would if Bofri consented;
    • The Companions reached the Forest River just as another storm hits. The first span of the bridge collapsed as Leaf Sole crossed it, leaving the group in a quandary as to how to get 10 people and 12 steeds across. Leaf Sole felled some trees to repair the bridge; Achernar search for a place to safely launch a raft; and Euric looked for a quieter river section which could be forded by the horses and ponies tethered together. In the end it was Euric who found success and led the party across through masterful skill with the animals.
    • On the other side, no dry camp could be found, but Leaf Sole tracked two deer to their shelter and brought back meat to fill the bellies of the weary Company, which keeps their spirits up by storytelling in the rain storm.

    Next session: the final leg of the journey to reach the end of the Grey Mountain Narrows, marked by the Mouth of Dust.

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    Quick session report:
    • The Companions safely make the final leg of the journey westward and out of the Grey Mountain Narrows. There they reach the Mouth of Dust, marked by a standing stone.
    • The stone is being repaired by two dwarves who turn out to be brothers. After some initial hesitancy, the Companions rest and water their ponies and horses, sharing news with the dwarves. They are from the Lonely Mountain and are establishing a waystation on the trade route. One is a scholar showing interest in the history of the Standing Stone, which dates to Thror's time.
    • Nemir hears quiet footsteps concealed in the brush, and meets, when she goes to investigate, a shy, but friendly dwarven woman, Herja, wife of the scholar Parin. She greets Nemir with a gift of a wildflower bouquet.
    • The Companions continue South Southwest, descending from the Grey Mountain foothills into the wide expanse of the Vales of Anduin. The landscape opens up and the vista of the Misty Mountains looms into view, a breathtaking sight.
    • The Companions decide to decline their Beorning guide's advice to steer clear of Viglund's heartland and take the direct route through his territory. There they have several tense encounters with Viglunding warriors, who seem through their posture, hard stares, and menacing manner to be threatening use of force at any time. But the caravan passes without incident, save a few insults, thanks in no small part to Beldan the dwarf interposing himself between hostile factions of men.
    • But at a ford for a stream in a steep-walled gully, a large Viglunding warband blocks the way, stating they are looking for a "Beorning criminal, Beran." The Companions did their best to conceal his presence in the middle of the caravan, but the Vigluning captain stares directly at Beran the entire time the Companions deny his presence or dodge Viglunding questions. The captain allows the caravan to pass since they "say the criminal is not with" them.
    • The Companions think better of camping close to the large warband and press on as dusk falls to cover as much ground to the Forest Gate as possible. They succeed, but at the cost of great effort in the dark by their guide, Beldan, who becomes (temporarily) weary as a result.
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    Are we playing? Neither the game nor TS server seem to be up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolarhyde View Post
    Are we playing? Neither the game nor TS server seem to be up.
    Sorry not to have communicated properly, Dolarhyde. Only two players, and maybe a third, could make it, so I thought that was too few proceed with the game. As it turned out, I also needed the time for Easter activities with young kids.

    We are on for our next regular session, and we’ll have a bunch of good scenes awaiting. Can’t wait to get back into the action!

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    The company rest near Mirkwood. In the morning, Beli stumbled across gems and old trinkets as Achernar collected berries with Beran. The farmer (named Iwald) who had given them the hint about the Viglundings looking for Beran appeared again at the edge of their camp. He talked in a vague way about the life many of the farmers live in Viglund's lands, paying a toll for "protection" and becoming "indentured servants" when they couldn't pay (with the heavy implication that they were just turned into slaves). He implied that they needed help and told them that the Viglundings had moved ahead of them during the night, showing Leaf Sole a hidden elf path but something in his manner and tone felt off to Leaf Sole, as if he wasn't completely being sincere.

    When Euric, Draigoch and Nemir were watering the horses, they heard a commotion close by. Viglundings had chased a wounded man up a tree, claiming that he needed to pay his debts to them and dragging the man's daughter behind them. Euric told Draigoch to get help and Nemir tried to argue with the Viglundings that they were being excessive, ever moving closer to them with her bow. The Viglundings used vicious words against the father, daughter, Euric, and Nemir and hurt the daughter, making her scream. Although the Viglundings warned them away, Euric and Nemir stayed. Nemir walked closer. Having heard Iwald's talk of how people who couldn't pay their debts were treated and since they looked like they would attack her too, Nemir intervened, shooting her bow and creating an opportunity for the daughter to escape. They attacked Euric and Nemir, wearing them both down heavily and poisoning Euric. Then their companions arrived and Leaf Sole ran up to the warrior attacking Nemir and got between the attack on Nemir. He raised his shield but was staggered and hurt a little as his reaction was slightly too slow. Even so, he saved her from falling unconscious. Beli was wounded by a poisoned weapon and went unconscious, causing a shadow of dread to fall over Nemir and Beldan. Instantly, Beldan reacted and hit him back with incredible force and ferocity. The Viglundings were defeated with everyone still alive but one of them got away. They made it back to camp and Nemir stayed by Beli's side, though exhausted and recovering herself. When Beli woke up, Nemir gave him a sad, weary smile. He asked whether she was okay and she reassured him that she was just tired and told him "Don't do that again. Don't get that close to death". Beldan realised that the Viglundings were using orc poison, leading them to believe they might be working at least in part with orcs, and he searched the spearmen's pouches for the poison to use as evidence.

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    “Lift those legs, Beli. We must hurry,” Achernar yelled.

    The fates must shine upon me this day, I’m in for Man humor, Beli thought as he drove his stout legs into the loosely packed earth of the trail. Already, he could feel the trickle of sweat run down the sides of his eyes, absorbing into his course beard. His helm slide back just a bit as he pounded down the path. Don’t know why I’m in such a hurry - huff huff huff - The damnedable elf will have killed whatever it is by the time we get there. - huff huff huff- She’ll probably wait to kill it right as I arrive. - huff huff huff -

    Tightening the grip on his mattock, he could feel the soft crunch of the supple leather wrapped around the haft. - huff huff huff - He could feel the slight imperfection in the strap, which he had wrapped perfectly to position a slight rise between the index and middle finger of his right hand.

    The field opened up as he rounded a curve in the trail. -huff huff huff - There they are!, he thought feeling the warmer air of this small clearing in the woods. Eyes darting left to right; top to bottom, Beli took in the battlefield and nearly instantly identified that the sun shown brightly through the canopy to his enemies right and a stone stuck out of the ground behind him and to his left. - huff huff huff - Does Nemir not see these advantages? Turn him to your left, Nemir, he thought . . . She’s on her heels; off balance . . . He’s pressing his own advantages . . . Is she hurt? - huff huff huff -

    Gritting his teeth until it hurt; the rest of the battlefield blurred into a dark rage that made his empty stomach roil.

    So intent in his drive to get to Nemir, Beli never perceived the danger. He made no move whatsoever to avoid the spear that had been hurled at him.


    All the air left his lungs as he heard, more than felt, the spear-blade pierce his Dwarven hauberk.

    I’m falling . . . have to get back to my feet quickly . . . fire in my veins . . . what is this . . . can’t find my . . . can’t stand . . . still falling . . . what is this . . . fire in my stomach . . . arms. . . head pounding . . . . can’t see . . . help . . . her . . . .

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    I was really inspired by your post Dolarhyde! Seeing the battle from Beli's perspective (even if he didn't see much of it, due to him passing out) made me want to write the same period of time from Nemir's perspective so here we go:

    The Viglundings outnumbered them by far. Euric had sent Draigoch to go and get help but would help come quickly enough? Nemir dodged one Viglunding attack only to step straight into the swing of the other one. She cursed herself. Falling out of touch with the sword was probably her worst decision yet, even if it did mean she was incredible with the bow. Now it could be fatal. The one with the spear lunged for her but she saw it too late to dodge it completely - it hit her side but missed any vital areas. She could be thankful for that at least. Her heart hammered in her chest as they traded blows with her and Nemir gritted her teeth as her first swing missed, then the next. Eru help me, I'm not suited to fighting in close quarters.

    The exhaustion of the fight was setting in and Nemir could feel herself ready to drop. Somehow, her swings were less accurate than before and the enemies seemed to be getting quicker. Would she even have the energy to dodge the next attack? She could barely hold her sword.

    The Viglunding with the axe swung again and the answer to her question flashed in Nemir's mind - No - but right before it should've hit, a body and a shield were between them. Help? It took a moment to recognise the one who'd saved her was Leaf Sole but before she could express any kind of gratitude, she heard a noise from behind her. Instinctively turning, Nemir's heart and stomach dropped as she saw Beli crumple to the ground.

    Her mind swam.

    Looking at Beli's almost lifeless body, she tried to pull a thought from the swirling vortex consuming her but couldn't. Whether it was from exhaustion or panic, or a combination of the two, for a brief moment, her legs wouldn't move, nor her arms, nor her eyes while every instinct urged her forward. The Viglunding stood over Beli, about to land a final blow but Beldan knocked the Viglunding aside with impunity. She was useless. That thought lept out of the vortex at her as she watched how quickly Beldan protected him.

    Nemir lunged again at the Viglunding with the axe, who Leaf Sole had protected her from, distantly thinking that if she could just land one hit, she wouldn't be such a failure.

    Another miss.

    That settled it, Nemir thought with a distant and dry sense of amusement. That amusement was short lived as she trudged over to Beli and her gaze landed on the poisoned veins eminating from the wound. Her heart dropped further. How close was he to death? Had he passed the point of no return? As the group returned to the camp, a reality struck Nemir in a way it hadn't quite before. If Beli died, a small piece of her would die with him.

    That, perhaps, scared her most of all.

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    Loved it, Poppyseed.

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    Very cinematic scenes drawn up by Dolarhyde and Poppyseed. The First person perspective puts the drama on center stage. Fun to read from the LM’s chair. Well done!

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    Worn and weary, the company decided to travel onwards through the edges of Mirkwood for safety only to find that the band of Viglundings were there and surrounded them. The Viglundings made an effort to intimidate them but the group wouldn't back down. Each side was looking for Beran to come with them and the leader of the Viglundings was playing to his men to build them up for a fight even while they wouldn't cross the invisible barrier formed by the company's threatening postures. Beldan began to threaten them back to show he wouldn't be intimidated by their show of force and Achernar ensured the tension didn't lead to blows with diplomacy. Leaf Sole hung to the back and looked for a way to escape should he need it and soon enough, Nemir had the same idea. Worn and weary, Nemir knew that if it came to a fight, they wouldn't last very long. Two were injured - Euric and Beli - and she was almost ready to drop. Nemir couldn't say how Beldan was but Leaf Sole looked tired as well. She quietly touched a branch of a tree and whispered in elvish, asking if there was a weak point in the group that surrounded them. The trees answered her and she learned that there was an opening that one or two people could use to slip away and escape.

    With this knowledge, she told Beli in a whisper that if things go south, run. She pointed the way and told him that he would be safe but he replied that he wouldn't run from a fight. "It would be an honour to die alongside you" he said, and continued by saying that she might be one of the only good elves he's met. She placed a hand on his shoulder, replying "And you, my friend" and they shared a moment of understanding. Then and there Nemir decided that she wouldn't abandon Beli - she would fight for as long as they both remained standing - but the route of escape still pulled at her mind.

    Eventually, Beran submitted to the Viglundings and he was bound and whipped before being taken away. Nemir closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, wishing to unhear that sound, and the others seemed to have similar reactions. They told the Viglundings to leave - they had what they came for but the Viglundings pushed further with an infuriating facade of innocence. They ordered the companions to hand over their weapons and when they refused, attacked from all sides.

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