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    In today's session, the Journey to the Narrows of the Grey Mountains began, with the Companions and their caravan staying at the last wayside inn of the Northern Dalelands for a final night of cheer and warmth. Elven lady Nemir's music is appreciated only by the Barding lord Saxulf, a quiet and observant man who complemented her playing and showed interest in Elven verse. Was his interest mere politeness, or something more? In the meantime Beli struck up a friendship with the innkeeper Vali and arranged to have a load of fine-cut building stone delivered, at his expense, to improve the inn.

    The caravan pressed on from there, getting caught in a storm of grit and dust blowing in on a cold wind from the Withered Heath. Both scouts made it back only just in time, and at last led the caravan to shelter in narrow ravine. But the next day, the Look Out, Nemir, spotted to wargs prowling towards the road. An ambush was laid to draw the dangerous creatures away from the baggage, and by the end of it, not two, but seven wargs lay slain. Beli and the Beran, a Beorning of the Mountains took pains to foil pursuit by covering the caravan's tracks.

    Next time: already some Companions feel fatigue, and one is weary from battling the cruel and cunning wargs. The journey will continue, but can a caravan of nine souls and a dozen ponies travel quietly and safely? Can they find, in the vast wild, old enemies and lost legends when their search is based on rumors and one eyewitness whose only information came from glimpses caught over his shoulder while fleeing in panic?

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