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    Discord just updated, and the update is required or it wont launch, and it is not in the Manjaro repositories yet... may be out of touch a few days until it gets packaged for Manjaro linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishBouzouki View Post
    Discord just updated, and the update is required or it wont launch, and it is not in the Manjaro repositories yet... may be out of touch a few days until it gets packaged for Manjaro linux.
    Ok no problem

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    Hearing the news of Galford being attacked, Nemir, Beli, and Achernar met up in Dale and travelled to Castle Orlmond with Orelon (who was accompanying Nemir) and Astrid (Achernar's sister). There, they learned more of what had occurred and heard another account of seeing a ghostly figure and giant beings among the goblins that were attacking. Nemir's face paled to almost pure white when she heard it, recognising that it was her fault that this ghost was free. Beli mentioned the idea that it could be tied to what they did and she nodded, casting a quick, nervous glance to Orelon. It would be a pain if he found out this was her fault. More importantly, it would be a pain if her father found out - she was in enough trouble as it was - but perhaps it wouldn't be revealed. After all, only she and her companions knew exactly what happened in that tomb almost a year ago. After realising that Galford was now overrun and they couldn't meet their other companions there as Beli's letter to them had asked, they made a plan together to travel along the border of Mirkwood, giving a wide bearth to the trouble at Galford and aiming to intercept the others on their journey over.

    For both halves of the company, the journey was difficult and tiring but they managed to find each other thanks to Beli and Nemir's efforts to scout the paths that Beldan, Leaf Sole, and the new companion, Alaric (who'd joined them after Draigoch resolved to travel to Rohan with Euric's body to give him a proper burial in his home), might be taking. Soon after, they were attacked by goblins but the party made short work of them.

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    The company exchanged greetings and caught each other up with what was going on at Galford and who their new companion was. Before long, however, there was a crash as a boulder was thrown into the middle of the lake, breaking the ice over it. Icy wraiths appeared from the lake, soon followed by the snow-troll which had thrown the boulder coming out of the woods. After the company managed to defeat some of the whirling ice winds, a pack of goblins appeared to join the fray. Beli, Leaf Sole, and Nemir took on the snow troll while Alaric, Achenar, and Beldan fought the newly appeared goblins. After many goblins were defeated, the two remaining ran off, and the snow troll was killed with Beli landing the killing blow.

    In the breather afterwards, Nemir sat under a tree with Achernar and sang an old elvish song while he smoked his pipe. Orelon came into sight again and Nemir apologised to him in elvish that he got mixed up in all of this, figuring that it must be a shock after being so used to the safety of the Woodland Realm. He seemed to take it in his stride and dismissed the issue. Beldan discovered a piece of knotted string along the shoreline, near to where one of the icy wind creatures shattered, which seemed to be connected to them, which Orelon suggested was done by someone skilled with magic but neither he nor Beldan could tell exactly what it was. Leaf Sole tended to the wound Alaric recieved in the battle and sang a staunching song that raised his spirits.

    The company began to move to Galford, hoping that once they get there, they could begin to fix the situation. When they got to Galford, Leaf Sole and Nemir made a plan to scout ahead to the seemingly deserted town and see if there was any danger. Orelon argued against Nemir going. He told her that it was rash and the situation was not her business but she managed to persuade him that if the threat wasn't dealt with here, it could come to threaten their home too. Orelon conceded and kept silent but seemed annoyed that she'd made a valid point. As they snuck forward, Leaf Sole tripped and made a loud clatter as a frying pan flew out of his pack and collided with a rock. Nemir flinched at the noise, half-expecting several goblins or another snow troll to appear, alerted by the noise, but tried to carry on as quietly as she could. As they got closer, they heard noises coming from inside Galford's inn and the left side of the hamlet, signaling that the place wasn't so deserted after all.

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    Good update, Poppyseed. Thanks!

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