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    So I havent used this extension in a while...updated to the latest one and I have noticed that the only thing I see is a full moon...there is a custom Moon Tracker Configuration however it is blank? What do I need to do to get it to cycle through the phases of the moon? Thanks!

    Edit: Fixed it by just updating the shift section from 0 to 6...or whatever other number you want to use!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dellanx View Post
    I see three moons, which moon is the one that I should use?
    Wow, I forgot I'd provided a fix for this one!
    Basic tutorial:
    1. Load extension into campaign
    2. Open Calendar via button in upper right
    3. Click icon of moon in upper left of calendar window (must already have a calendar set up)
    4. Click edit and then add a moon (allows worlds with multiple moons--very cool!)
    5. Close moons list and click a day on the calendar to see what the lunar phase is for that day

    • Period: how many solar days it takes to repeat the lunar cycle
    • Duration: how long the full moon and new moon last (for things like lycanthropy that may only last a single night)
    • Shift: move the entire lunar cycle forward/backward to align with other events like holidays

    Pretty sure all of this is correct but please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    This should be compatible with the latest Feb 16th update.
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