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    Ah... I figured it out! That's what "shift" is for!
    See post #43 (a few posts up this page) where I describe what all of those options do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    Wow, I forgot I'd provided a fix for this one!
    Basic tutorial:
    1. Load extension into campaign
    2. Open Calendar via button in upper right
    3. Click icon of moon in upper left of calendar window (must already have a calendar set up)
    4. Click edit and then add a moon (allows worlds with multiple moons--very cool!)
    5. Close moons list and click a day on the calendar to see what the lunar phase is for that day

    • Period: how many solar days it takes to repeat the lunar cycle
    • Duration: how long the full moon and new moon last (for things like lycanthropy that may only last a single night)
    • Shift: move the entire lunar cycle forward/backward to align with other events like holidays

    Pretty sure all of this is correct but please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Too bad the "shift" option doesn't exist within the calendar to permit what day a given year starts on. For instance, a campaign set in 1920 would have New Year's Day start on a Thursday. That shift option would be wonderful.

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