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    I'm really excited about having Tegel Manor for FG. I remember playing way back when and I thought it was sooo cool, I can only imagine playing it on a modern map (probably several these days) big enough for tokens.

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    That's great I still have my original judges guild manor and city state of the invincible overlord sets. really nice maps and booklets. Teagal Manor was one of the first dungeons for me to adventure in and is still on of my favorites.

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    They also have a “Holiday” Demon IndieGoGo (KS-like) and they are close to extra special additions:

    That was quick! 5k goal passed since last update!
    The Christmas Slay is now included in both the book and the PDF (It has either been finished or will be finished being converted tonight).
    I have commissions for 2 new color art pieces (one a battle with evil snowmen-snicker!) ready to go and sketched. Will have just enough to add these to the book if we can reach 6k.
    Only 3 days left but if it we look to finish enough past 6k I have a map related goal I think I can get the Head Frog to agree to because its awesome.
    Thank you everyone!
    Zach Glazar
    Frog God Games

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    Varsuuk SW is at 227. You need 23 more for your hard cover.

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    If I survive the next 24 hours I will probably kick in for the SW version.
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    They hit the 75K added stretch goal and are in the final 48 hours.

    If you are too young to recall the famous Tegel Manor by Judges Guild - google it

    Them Frogs are doing wonderful things with their maps in addition to the impressive quality of their hardcovers and adventures.

    Last chance for all the. I’ve Kickstarter gee gaws. Come on down.

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    As the kickstarter $50K stretch goals Fat Dragon was essentially hiring someone to develop Tegel for FG. has anyone heard if this has started and more importantly, when it will be released?

    I have been putting Tegel - specifically the Sanctum of Madness in FG myself to support my campaign, but I don't have time to do the whole book (at least not to do it justice)....

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    Frog God Games

    (To your question, not sure. But I’m sure he will reply soon.)

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    I am working on the conversion. It is a huge book with a huge map. When I finish it, it needs to go through quality control here and it is ultimately up to Smiteworks as to if it is acceptable.

    All the text is converted and I am slowly building encounters and working on maps and placement. Will be a while, I just started a new full time job.

    This is not a free stretch goal, btw.
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    I knew it would be a module purchase. If you would like me to forward any of the NPC/Creature conversions I have already done, let me know.

    Glad to hear it is in progress. What is the targeted release date?

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