Thread: Flaming Burst?

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    Flaming Burst?

    In the PFRPG ruleset is it possible to set up a Flaming Burst weapon? Mainly I'm looking on how to have it do an extra d10 on a crit.

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    The crit part cannot be automated to the best of my knowledge.

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    Thx to Zacchaeus from FGC, I have the answer. You can have the 1d10 fire applied to criticals only by adding the following effect: Flaming Burst; DMG: 1d10 fire, critical
    Just have to be sure to turn it off if switching to a different weapon.

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    Flame Burts; DMG: 1d6 fire, melee; DMG: 1d10 fire, critical, melee

    These are the modules and extensions created and/or taken over by dellanx for PFRPG.

    I had a lot of help and advice from many here at FG.

    Thank You!

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    Hi, I know this is and old thread but I'm having issues with this in FGU.

    I've tried DMG: 1d6, fire; DMG: 1d10, fire, critical but FGU seems to be grouping all the DMG effects into one, so that unless there's a critical hit then NO extra fire damage gets applied. If I just do one DMG effect or the other, then they work as expected, but when there are two DMG effects on the player at the same time it seems to treat them as one.

    I tried creating these as two separate effects and applied them separately to the same character, but the same thing happens - no extra fire damage unless there's a critical hit.

    So I tried this as an experiment: DMG: 1d6, cold; DMG: 1d10, fire, critical - and it worked as expected, extra 1d6 cold damage on every hit, plus and extra 1d10 fire on a critical. So the problem seems to be when the damage types are the same it treats it all as one damage effect.
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    go with DMG: 1d6 fire; DMG: 1d10 critical, fire.

    tag damage as critical first, then fire.

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    Yeah, as Asgurgolas says switch their type ordering FG sorts and groups them by the first damage type

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    Didn't even think of trying that! It worked great, thank you.

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    Where are you adding this? Combat tracker or the character sheet? Trying to do this and haven't figured it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyoung1978 View Post
    Where are you adding this? Combat tracker or the character sheet? Trying to do this and haven't figured it out.
    Effects have to be added in the combat tracker

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