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    Updated first post with an addition. Added extra Armor SDP to More tab to track Structural Damage Points. v1.2.3

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    I have a build campaign that I have entered all of the skill in. When I export all and load it in a test campaign I don't have the skills I entered.

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    Is there currently any way to modify the rolls for init and weapon attacks? It would be nice to be able to auto-add the init boost from a solo's combat sense or have a handgun automatically add the player's reflex + handgun, but I can't find an easy way to do it.

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    Well when you add a Weapon/Implement on the Main tab (Going to be adding a dropdown box to this and all my extensions for item types), type in Weapon on the type field. This will expand more sections to add information. For example which skill is being used, which will also add the attribute attached to the skill. As for Solo's Combat Sense, you could add it to the skills section. I didn't code in any of the special attributes as I was working on making them part of the roles. That hasn't been expanded quite yet to do that. No automation is setup to add Combat Sense to the initiative, but you could add it to the modifier box for the time being till I can code it. If you follow the rulebook for the types of equipment they should fit in the type field to have their relevant information for that piece of equipment.

    Types so far:

    If you want a demo, reach out to me on discord and I'd be happy to run you through it.
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    You know, give me a few and I'll change it now. Set it up as a combo box to make this a bit easier.

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    Updated first post with updated extension. Added a combo box to the item type field to make it easier to change the type of equipment.

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    Thanks for clarifying, I've only run DnD through Fantasy grounds before, and mostly using official stuff, so I haven't messed around much with morecore or creating my own items.

    I was misunderstanding what the "type" field was, thinking it was the type of weapon (handgun/smg/etc), which obviously wasn't populating the other fields. With the new version, the weapons show up pretty much exactly how I was trying to get it, thanks for pushing an update so quick on that. Figured the Combat Sense automation wasn't in just yet, I was poking around in the .xml to see if I could figure out how to code it in and saw there was an "initbonus" tag under the characters, so I wasn't sure if it'd been added somehow and I just wasn't seeing it, but experimenting with that, it seems like that only works for the combat tracker roll, doesn't add to chara sheet.

    Thanks for the work on this! My group's about to try CP for the first time, and even the amount of automation you've built so far is making the sheer number of modifiers in play a lot less intimidating.

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    Been going through character creation a lot lately, here's some notes/suggestions: (not sure if any of these changes are possible BTW)

    1. You have Clothes, Hair, Ethnicity, and Language under "Style", but not 'Affectations', which I think would be nice to have.

    2. Similarly to #1, I would add a line under "Family Status" that was "Childhood Environment".

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    Sure, I can work on that. Is that all in the Notes tab?

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    Quote Originally Posted by superteddy57 View Post
    Sure, I can work on that. Is that all in the Notes tab?
    I believe so.

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