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    There is one more thing that is puzzling me. The Spells module I made (with permission of Atlas Games) no longer works: I just realised why. Under Campaign are the generic MoreCore buttons, but there is no Spells button any more despite having Race/Class/Vehicles. Is that intentional? This is a more general MoreCore thing I guess rather than unique to this extension?

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    How long since you use the Spells Module last?
    From memory Spells as a Campaign Tool only existed for about 2 months before (again from memory which is definitely less than guaranteed to be accurate) being depreciated in favour of just using Rolls...

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    I started to work on a module before moving on to Unity and eventually thie extension never worked. Spells ARE there, but just under characters instead of campain. And as far as I can see the spells still work!

    Personally I can't find a single use for Rolls in this extension. They seem like a generic thing you'd want in MoreCore, but has no use in a specific ruleset, like this is. Don't get me wrong. They are quite useful if you have to make your own stuff (I played Vampire before the official ruleset came out), but try introduce them into D&D 5e and tell people: "Do it yourselves". heh... I don't think that will go over well.

    Anyhoo. Check again under character and see if you stuff is there!

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    Please remember this extension is over 4 years old and not much has been done to it since the release of Unity and all those very nice updates to both CoreRPG and MoreCore. This certainly needs a new fresh coat of paint and a walk through by the building inspector. Rolls are certainly a way to go and might be the best course of action to fill in the gaps missing. It's still one of the shining star features of MoreCore. So I wouldn't dismiss them very much as they could be useful in a pinch.
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