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    Ars Magica 5e MoreCore Extension

    Ars Magica 5E Extension
    I've enjoyed running and playing Ars Magica for some time and wanted to provide that opportunity to the rest of the community. I've added the changes to MoreCore to allow a more dedicated approach to the game. I've made changes to the Character sheet, NPCs, Items, Party sheet, and Combat Tracker. This was inspired by Oberoten's ruleset and ported over.

    I will continue working on this and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, would love to hear about any suggestions.

    • 9-15-18 - Fixed casting rolls from main tab. Moved Raw Vis tracker to Inventory sheet to let Known Spells be larger for those longer named spells
    • 9-22-18 - Covenant Tracking done from Party Sheet; NPCs changed equipment box to allow drag n drop of items (May break already made NPCs). This is not the same as the character sheet inventory, but allows a link to a made item to be stored on the sheet. Good for Magic Items
    • 10-9-18 - Overhauled the code to support future implementations. (May need to re-create PC's and NPCs); Character sheet re-arranged; Added Weapons frame to hold data and accepts drops. It does not auto populate the inventory; Added Virtue/Flaws button since not enough space on MoreCore tab and didn't want it in another location; Updated theme provided by Damned (You da best); Added Skill frame and skills node. Can create skills on the sheet and then choose the characteristic you would like to add to roll. Will link to pre-made skills in the skills node if created; I left the dice roller for known spells to add modifier for bonus to the roll. Would recommend just clicking the Art/Form above the Known spells for the casting roll. There is a issue with importing character sheets right now with the skills. I will be looking into that. The skills will work, but unfortunately will need to be recreated if you import a saved character.
    • 10-20-18 - Fixed issue with importing. Please let me know if anything doesn't import correctly; Weapon list will now perform rolls with init, atk, and dfn. Will produce the result using correct characteristics added to roll and skill levels as well. Description will need work and changed to proper task, but works; Known spells list will roll with value of the Art/Form of the spell. No longer need dice command for spells; I think this is the closest I will get with the automation. It is very playable in the current state and will be helpful running short or long sagas. If you have a suggestion or critique, please hit me up in pm or through the Fantasy Grounds discord.
    • 10-25-18 - Repaired error when attempting to create skills.
    • 11-29-2018 - Added more features for casting hedge magic to the character sheet and NPC sheet. Also NPC type can be changed to show more relevant fields towards those types.
    • 1-9-2019 - Alot of changes inbound; Character Sheet - Added all different styles of magic that have spells. Re-arranged items on the tabs for more visibility of the abilities; Items - Tracks type by Weapon and Armor as before. Added the new type Enchanted Item to provide more functionality for powers associated with enchanted items and the Books as well; Types - Weapon, Armor, Enchanted Item, Book, and Laboratory Text; NPCs - Added new fields for the supplements to track might, infernal, and divine fields. Added new tab to track powers/known spells. Spells tab is just for casting totals. Added the ability for the combat field to allow rolls (*: Init # Atk # Def # Dam #). Can double click on item to roll stress die with bonus/minus associated with task. Please make sure dice pool has been turned off as this causes an error to appear; Spells - Set it up with types to allow powers to be tracked under spells so they can use the same list boxes.
    • 1-23-2019 - Fine tuned casting to display name of spell from known spells and also figures for spontaneous casting.
    • 5-27-2019 - Fixed an issue with opening the character sheet for the first time; Found a new bug with Skills. This should stop shooting up errors when adding skills.
    • 6-21-2019 - Somehow my fix made it worse and needed to work on skills again. Made some changes and should allow updating the skill you wish to use with the skilll now. It will add the characteristic into the roll.
    • 7-25-19 - Added a second roll button to learned spells for normal casting; Casting rolls will now include Stamina with the roll; Added drop down lists for item types and subtypes
    • 5-15-20 - Fixed Unity errors and added a non-automated Soak button to the Fatigue frame. Please delete the old extension file as I used a new naming convention this time around.

    Leave your questions or suggestions here.

    Thanks again for your interest.
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    Glad to see that someone else gives Ars Magica some love as well. I am afraid my own ruleset has long since slid over into houserules and bloat, I will decidedly take a good look at this

    - Obe
    For your Ars Magica needs :

    Atque in perpetuum frater, Ave atque vale.

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    Actually your ruleset was what inspired me to make this extension. Thanks to you, this wouldn't be a thing

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    I sincerely wish I had put as much effort into the partysheet as you have. It is so logical compared to my current way to deal with the covenant as a character-sheet. So yeah, will be crimping ideas but not code.

    - Obe
    For your Ars Magica needs :

    Atque in perpetuum frater, Ave atque vale.

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    Well I was thinking of making it only host visible, but I have played too many sagas where the whole group was part of the process. This is a sure fire way the players will be able to open the party sheet and see the same information.

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    Updated extension by Adding more features for casting hedge magic to the character sheet and NPC sheet. Also NPC type can be changed to show more relevant fields towards those types.

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    Updated extension with more additions and some fine tuning. Thanks for checking out the extension!

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    This is really excellent work Superteddy57!

    MoreCore - Generic Ruleset
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    Great work Superteddy57
    You have achieved a great and clean interface. Very nice work.

    Thank you!

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    Thanks, I still feel like some needs improving and have some open space I could use for something, just not sure what lol. Thank you again for the kind words.

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