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    Quote Originally Posted by viresanimi View Post
    Considering it it now more than a week late, I do think, some updates / estimates, would be in order.
    White Wolf is reviewing it for approval. Their is no update beyond that and since their is no time commitment from them as to when they will approve (or not) then their can be no time estimate

    Unfortunately, it's one of those things not only out of our hands, but beyond the scope of SmiteWorks as well.

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    Makes sense seeing that it will be ready once it's reviewed by them. So we can only wait for the publisher at this point.

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    Figured I would update. Saw information on Twitter page seems vampire was sent back to the developer with a list of fixes. He is on the last couple fixes and then it seems a resubmission. Shouldn't be long now!

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    Thanks for the update!
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    It's been two weeks anymore updates? Or did I miss release?

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    Nope. No official word. Actually. There's never been an official word from Smiteworks for a month. You have to poke them on the friday streams. Apparently White Wolf / Paradox is slow to test / greenlight the ruleset.

    Oh, and welcome!

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    I honestly can't wait to buy it.

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    Is there any more news on this? I'm realy looking forward to it.
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    Yea, me too. I've even charged my steam account in october expecting this. It's been hard to save money with all the sales there.

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