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    I wasn't asking or even suggesting that SmiteWorks should do it. It doesn't make sense for them to do it since it's too specific to each community. They make it easy to get at the data. Their work is done (though JSON export would be nice....)

    I can write a transformer in an afternoon, but I'm not a designer. It looks like there's already a pretty decent interactive PDF with formfield support:

    If I get some time tomorrow I'll see what I can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquitaine View Post
    I wasn't asking or even suggesting that SmiteWorks should do it.
    Sorry, I misunderstood your intention.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aquitaine View Post
    If I get some time tomorrow I'll see what I can do.

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    Mea culpa, an hour was a bit optimistic. Scaffolding out the app and getting the framework in place to do the transformation took most of the time; now it's just a question of filling in the rest of the fields.

    Here's a proof of concept; haven't got to the 'health and resolve' or 'armor class' stuff yet but I have everything written that I need to pull those fields. Just need to finish the legwork to transform them.

    The app runs on a (relatively) small java application server. I'd prefer not to host it myself. Anybody have a DigitalOcean or AWS instance they want to donate? I've packaged it as a docker image so all that's required is to press "go"!
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    Real life intervened between my job and a newborn, but this is actually not that far from being usable, at least for basic character sheets.

    It can be used locally but requires Docker; it's probably better suited to run on a public web site. If somebody has a VM somewhere with a couple gigs of RAM that's all that's needed.

    If nobody responds, I'll get around to it eventually (like once I have time to actually play Starfinder....maybe in a year or so) and will host it myself. But if there's interest in the form of donating a sliver of server space, I'll get it done sooner.

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