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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortar View Post
    Talyn's awesome rolls...
    Hey, let's see you roll three consecutive 1s!

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    After being shipwrecked on the Isle of the Frog God, filled with two tribes of warring cannibals, surrounded by ravager sharks, surviving two hellish nights of varying threats they are led to the village of the worshippers of the Frog God Groth in an effort to rescue crew members who were driven mad and ran into the jungle and captivity. A party of the other tribe of cannibals took advantage of the moment to kill Groth himself when the death of his chief priest Mordak gave him the last blood he needed to manifest. So when the earth opened up underneath them and they were falling into the abyss they were happy to spend a benny to escape through a beckoning portal. Which landed them on Paxectal, the realm of Ayrawn, the Lich Queen and her killer dungeon.

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    Whats with these rocks? Cant trust anybody in this town!

    The Mask of Winter ran us thru the playtest - get the Demo kit here free: https://www.rpgnow.com/product/241764/Wiseguys-Demo-Kit


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    Rescue! Into the Yawning Portal

    Woot Woot!
    The party's first time into the Undermountain was to rescue two adventurous souls that that had dared the depths. They were found, captives of the vile drow!

    I tough fight and not only did the party save the two they had come for, they found 5 other captives and returned them all to Waterdeep.

    Screen Shot 10-14-18 at 03.25 PM.PNG
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    A screenshot from my Beasts and Barbarians game. Here, the players have travelled across the island and entered an ancient temple where they found the surviving members of their crew in captivity. With the crew liberated and armed they enter the alter room of the Toad God Baachaaga where they face the Tricarnian sorcerer Kar Thunoth in a final battle.

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    Here are two more. A battle against cannibalistic apes and the main hall of the temple.

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