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    1 NEW player looking to connect with groups for GURPS - broad interest in settings

    Thanks for taking a look at this post. I would appreciate any advice on connecting to a group that would be willing to take on someone new to GURPS and new to FG. I posted on the LFG Forum already but notice that there is not much GURPS action there so I thought I would send up a trial balloon on this forum. Maybe I should be posting or looking somewhere else?

    LFG – 1 NEW player looking for GURPS 1-shots and longer term, Eastern US (GMT-5) avail: flexible

    Looking for Group to play GURPS: One brand newb player – new to FG and new to GURPS
    FG License: Full license
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time US (GMT-5)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: In the short term am available during weekdays for one-shots, longer-term campaigns available late night during the week.
    Term: since I am new would like to start with one-shots but am open for longer term
    Voice: yes can do discord and can do video if necessary
    Game System Preferred: GURPS 4e
    Game System Experience: (Showing my age here!) AD&D, Traveller, Gamma World (2nd ed.)
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Nope. Not yet anyway.
    Character Type Preferred: Open to whatever is needed!
    About me: Loved RPG’s in high school and haven’t played since college. That was… well… a long time ago now. I am looking to break back into the hobby and learn GURPS. Have the basic set, watched a bunch of on-line content, went through character creation on my own a number of times – now ready to take the next steps. Looking forward to meeting people and exploring this system.

    Many thanks for any guidance you might have for me!

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    Man...I wish our group wasn't already at capacity, I'd invite your to join us in a heartbeat. If you are content with a one shot, then maybe we could work something out. If you are looking for something longer term, then have you tried posting on the SJGames forum? I know there are plenty of FG GURPS players that hang out there. There is also the GURPS Discord channel (https://discord.gg/BGSaxJX) which has a bunch of online players.
    Timezone: Australian EST (GMT +10).
    Systems/Rulesets: GURPS 4th Edition.
    Campaigns (Ultimate License Holder)
    GURPS Traveller - The Empty Peace
    GURPS Shadowrun - Power Plays
    GURPS Banestorm - Dark Clouds Rising

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    Ronnke - Many thanks for taking the time to reply and for the suggestions man! I will check out the forums at SJ Games and locate the Discord group (thanks for the link!). Looking at all that you are doing it is easy to recognize that you are busy to capacity. If you have a one-shot that comes up or if you have a group that needs a player (even temporarily) please keep me in mind - I would love to play! I have looked at FATE and Savage Worlds and, while they seem really cool, GURPS is just more appealing to me. Thanks for all you have done with the GURPS ruleset for FG - that is truly amazing and I hope SJ Games follows through. This would be a great platform for them to sell their product and I hope that they see the value in what you have done here.

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    Eastern US time zone eh RP?

    Were you able to find a campaign yet?


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    Have you found a group yet?? Am also Eastern US.

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