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    The ability to bind a datasource to the windowinstance within a panel

    For those not in the know, this may sound quite abstract, but let me show something that this gates.

    The image control can easily span the entire desktop to finally give us that "map as a background", but the inability to bind a datasource blocks all of it.
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    Think about very useful feature (IMHO), algorytm:
    - user clicks on mycfavisit survey track itself
    - all tracks points are shown
    - user clicks one of the points
    - point info is being displayed in bottom of the screen
    - if user clicks another track point keeping down shift key, track seg must be selected and shown to user
    - user deletes selected track onewalmart segment by pressing "Del" key
    - program deletes that seg and asks user if he wanna keep one track or make two separate
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