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    Is CUSTOM () supported in the 4e ruleset?

    I found conflicting information when trying to search and confirm if the Conditional Operator CUSTOM () is supported in the 4e ruleset. Can someone please confirm this?


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    Confirming: CUSTOM () is supported in the 4e ruleset.
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    Fantastic! Thanks, Llyle. This will make it easier on me to support some unique player conditions. Now I, an FG rookie, just need to figure out how to make it work... ��

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    All right.

    This might help:

    Also to you use CUSTOM () as an operator, you can utilize IF and IFT.

    A tiefling would have a +1 to attack rolls, if the target is bloodied, so he'd have

    IFT: Bloodied; ATK: 1

    on him at all times. (meaning as condition on him in the combat tracker)

    A Dragonborn has +1 bonus to attack rolls if he is bloodied himself, se he'd have a

    IF: Bloodied; ATK: 1

    on him at all times.

    The Bloodied in these examples can be exchanged with the CUSTOM descriptors. So a Warlock could for example place curses on enemies which makes him deal more damage (depending on feats and items it can change, but for now let's say it's just 1d6)

    So he could place an effect on enemies that just says

    Cursed by Warlock

    And then have a condition on himself that says

    IFT: CUSTOM(Cursed by Warlock); DMG: 1d6

    Hope that helps a bit!
    To err is human.
    To arrrr is pirate.

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    Thanks again for the examples. I've played around with it a bit before I asked on the forums but was having trouble getting it working - probably syntax issues. I thought I'd make sure it was implemented for 4e before I bang my head against the wall any further. Now that I know it works, and thanks to your examples, I will gladly resume my testing.

    Preparing for my first game on FG after migrating my campaign over from Roll20. I can't wait to try FG in a real session!

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    Have fun!

    And should any questions come up, FG has an amazingly helpful community, so just ask
    To err is human.
    To arrrr is pirate.

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