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    BUG: Vuln applying as resist

    As the title says, if a creature has Vulnerable ion it's defences, applies as RESIST when added to the tracker.
    That's how it's set up. Add it to tracker and see

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    Also, effects aren't working when adding DMG: [+HLVL][INT] etc./ Just adds as DMG: with no number afterwards.

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    Special ability clauses need to be separated by semi-colons; just like in the original rulebooks. If you do that, it will parse correctly. Try "Resist 10 fire; Vulnerable 10 cold" in the Special Defenses field.

    Multiple character ability tags need to be separated by spaces. Try "DMG: [HLVL] [INT]"


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    Hi moon I'll try these tonight, and see if I have any luck! Hopefully it will solve it for me

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    Just checking back in to confirm these both worked
    Thanks again Moon

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