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    Thanks for the response Doug. Having the inner workings available for community developers to check out is good stuff. I supposed if the demand for a starship battle subsystem is high enough someone will eventually create it. Everything else in the ruleset is top notch. I hate that profits haven’t exceeded the expense...

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    Well yeah, and there is a lot of background to this particular situation as well. The developer in question has been a tremendous collaborator with us over the years and a good friend. They have been paid very well for that collaboration, but then again that is probably a matter of opinion on which side of the equation you are on. Working on official 5E stuff tends to skew your perspective dramatically. While we are disappointed in the setback for this particular case, we want to just focus on moving forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Easier said than done, as FG developers are all over the world.

    It's hard to just turn up at their house and threaten to criticise their curtains! ;-)
    Yea I suppose your right. I didn't consider that.

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    If only I knew how to make reference manuals..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blahness98 View Post
    If only I knew how to make reference manuals..
    There's a few posts about it on the forums and the basic layout info is in the Wiki. It's "just" data entry and formatting - no coding. Dive in!
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    So more than a year later and it's still not integrated.

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