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    Experienced TTRPG GM & Player looking for FG & Starfinder advice.

    I have convinced my weekly Roll20 group to give FG and Starfinder a try. We are very experienced gamers, so the the rules are are not a problem. What I want to know is what stuff might not work as expected, extensions we might need and any common mistakes made by Roll20 converts. Also I saw a post concerning "effects" to import. Why do we need to import them? Do we import them like a character sheet and what do we do with the imported effects character sheet? Thanks in advance to anyone that answers. I've had FG grounds for many years but the is the first time I've gotten a group willing to play a different VTT and I would like it to be a success.

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    1. Warning: Starship Combat is still very Manual but they are working on it. Starship Combat Phases can be tracked in the combat tracker but that's about it at the moment.
    2. When you reach Level 3, Weapon Specialization has to be manually added in to the attack in the combat tab. Easy to fix but also easy to forget about. Another item they are working on fixing.
    3. Class Feature abilities that let you choose a class feature (like the mechanic's Mechanical Trick or the Operative's Exploit) are under the Character Sheet -> Abilities tab -> Class Abilities list. For example, a Mechanic would click the golem next to Mechanical Trick and then select the Other tab, which has a list (with required level). Either the golem can be clicked to open up a description of the feature or the feature can be click/dragged to the Class Abilities list to add that ability to the character.

    There's probably more stuff I'm forgetting, but I'm sure you'll discover little fiddly bits that work fine but have to do it manually or in a specific way. It helps to remember that nearly everything can be clicked & dragged.

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    Good thing about the ruleset is that it is being worked on almost every day.
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    Every update adds a little bit more awesome. I've no complaints.

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