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    Mordkhaan - that was the fix, thanks for the quick reply. This could sure have sped up a lot of my in-person games back in the day.

    Not sure if it's just me, but selecting and deselecting from the form doesn't always seem to work. Once you click on something, it seems to stay highlighted. I tested it out and eventhough multiple items could be highlighted at once, it appears that the one you most recently selected will end up being sent over to the player's screen.
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    I do get the odd in person game still and yeah, throwing things works best so far!
    Cannot say I have seen the selection issue, presume you mean the skill for example?
    I have found that each new skill I choose replaces the previous selected one
    And I have forced myself into the habit of always clicking clear selected PCs or NPCs before then choosing which or I send tothe wrong one(s)...

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    I just posted a bounty in the #fg_forge_item_posts channel on the Discord for someone to recreate this. Please show your support there if you're interested.

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    Here's the updated extension post: RFIA+ 0.20

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    Close thread?

    Can a mod please close this thread. The other thread has activity.

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    I would love to see this on the Forge just so that we don't need to keep searching for the latest version

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