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    Sorry Kelrugem, I am pretty bad on following up on my old posts, we just finished playing this weekend and now that I have some time I am coming back to address them. Not to sound like a complete Noob but what is the best way to share a character?
    you can export the character by right-clicking on its sheet, then upload it here

    And no worries about the late answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilthorne View Post

    That was super easy!

    Thank you And sorry for the late answer, I totally forgot I try to test it after work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilthorne View Post
    Attachment 52966

    Attachment 52967

    I identified it buy still did not work.
    So, I just tested your character: Ghost touch certainly works, but I see the culprit in your attacks: You have many attacks with ghost touch or other magical things, but you did not add the damage type magic You certainly should also add this damage type, so, you need ghost touch and magic Also your holy attacks lack that damage type

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