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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerulean Shaman View Post
    Well, I meant unofficial official support. Fantasy grounds really doesn't have all that much official support outside the mega-popular games it seems, which makes sense, as there are a ton of games out there. Still, I've used community rulesets for some of them and they're more than good enough in many cases. A few tweaks aesthetically and you're good to go.
    Awesome. I am looking to GM or play in a game for sure.

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    Can't wait to take a look at this one :P
    Please use the symbol from the rulebook in the GM portrait, the one with the skull and the cross
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    I know it might be too early, but I am hungry for something new - do you have mockups to show, pre-pre-pre-alpha?
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    The group I am with is looking to convert from 3rd to 4th as soon as we have a viable ruleset.
    I have the pre-release PDF and can start adding rollable tables and equipment lists.
    I know basic scripting but the full ruleset is beyond me. I would really like to help with troubleshooting/testing.

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    Tables and equipment lists, be careful with copyrights... some things can be built for personal use, but can not be shared. Game mechanics only, no decriptions, no art. Makes some tables and gear a shaky line to walk.

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    Also, do note they have said there will be some big changes to the combat section in the final iteration so maybe hold off on any major work until that's done or you might have to retread a lot of stuff.

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    Waiting for this ruleset!!!

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    Any news about the development? Which features would be implemented, barring tables?

    I would love to help but I'm a total newb with coding.

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    Anybody? Anybody?... Hello?/ McFly?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyndad123 View Post
    Anybody? Anybody?... Hello?/ McFly?...
    Welcome Flyndad123

    Rulesets take a long time to build.
    They are generally built by community members in their own time.
    Pushing, poking, prodding generally doesnt make them go faster - words of encouragement do help.

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