Apologies if asking about this game is considered Necro in anyway..

Let me preface by saying that I am not a Munchkin and this Character was never intended to be a Twink or this optimized (if it's real) this was an accidental synergy that I and a mate found and I am thoroughly curious as to whether or not it is legit by both rules and typical DM standards.

I am 100% green to SWSE and decided I wanted to make an Unarmed TK.
I did a decent amount of research and looked at some builds.
Eventually I sat down and started to try and piece a character together, now the specific synergy I am curious about I have not seen much information on and was hoping this forum could shed some light.
I am a TK that wears Bothan Manufactured, Ion Charged Combat Gloves (possible?) I was wondering if A it's possible and B whether or not the Bothan manufacturing would add an additional D6 to the Ion charge.

The reason the synergy makes sense to me is simply because the Gloves are treated as a melee weapon for the purposes of Rapid Strike, however I am 100% unaware as to whether or not the Ion damage would be bolstered by the manufacturer.
I see the gloves as being able to have both properties because to me Bothan is a manufacturer and therefore should not take an upgrade slot (correct me if I am wrong).

Any and all insight into this would be greatly appreciated.