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    Nah, though that makes sense in a way.

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    I am attaching Coriolis - The Third Horizon character sheet for MoreCore. It contains fully configured rolls with parameters. only the MoreCore tab is configured, the rest is untouched.

    It is part of my custom extension for Coriolis (again for MoreCore) located here:
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    Anyone have a character sheet/theme for talislanta for morecore?

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    Is there any progress on a character sheet for Battletech the RPG or A Time of War?

    I thought I had seen somewhere that one was being worked on.

    If not I will have a go at generating one. Might take a while.

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    I would say give a go. If someone else is working on it you can collab and expand it to an extension or a full blown ruleset.

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    Anyone got or working on a sheet for Swords and Wizardry? I'd design my own, but I'm not sure where to start.

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    Here is the Rifts character sheet. Theres a lot that depends on the extension modification I made to Damned's extension. So if you just load it into the base MoreCore there will be a lot of fields missing. Changes were:

    MoreCore Tab
    1. Combat frame has fields for Current MDC, Max HP, Max SDC (these are not exported to the CT). Added # of attacks (also not exported to CT).
    2. Frame titles are changed to Rifts relevant terms.
    3. Added attributes and bonus fields.
    4. Added Saves and Defense rolls as well as the fields that modify them.
    5. Added example skills and the modifiers for them. Mostly filled with junk data to demonstrate functionality. Presently they are not auto-calculated but the upkeep in per level changes would be fairly trivial. Implemented as a "saving throw" since the skill rolls weren't a good fit.
    MoreData Tab
    6. Added Spell/Tattoos frame title. Used /spellpoint decrement to automatically subtract from the PPE field. Most spells aren't damage spells (so no rolls) but even those that were damage will not roll. It was either decrement or roll, not both. Range, duration and cost shown.
    7. Added Psionics frame title. Since the Psionic points will not decrement the rolls WILL work. There still aren't a lot of damage or duration rolls.
    8. Changed spellpoint frame to get rid of the irrelevant spell slots and used current and Maximum PPE and ISP.
    9. Made a frame for races and classes. Ideally this would go on the last page but those entry fields won't take links.
    10. Made a frame titled for moves and bonuses.
    Main Tab
    11. No real changes. Just some suggested fields for people with complicated SDC/MDC/HP (like changes with powers)
    Abilities Tab
    12. No real changes. Just demonstrated how it could be used in Rifts by populating with junk powers and abilities.
    Inventory Tab
    13. No real changes.
    Notes Tab
    Added two additional classes fields for inactive classes. The active class is the original and _should_ still update properly when the party is given xp. I haven't tested this. Without the extension I think this will look pretty weird. (The first line was really hard to work with. Merge didn't work the way I thought it should resulting in the original fields overlapping my modified fields. I still don't know why it did what it did but I worked around it.)


    Character Sheet Here

    I have the Extension for this here.
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    The last picture I attached was messed up. Rather than trying to fix the attachments in the I will just add that last page in this post.
    Attachment 30668
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