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    Handle user cookie network timeout error, bought off of steam

    I purchased this from the steam store to start.
    I had the game running a few times with friend and played around with the basics.
    After that I decided to purchase some of the adventures league modules to play around with.
    Went to update as the screen told me in the receipt as I assume this purchase information would be tied to my account.
    After many attempts of scouring the forums for this problem I was unable to find anything relatable. (At this point in time I have given up on looking and want a more direct answer)

    If needed I will provide more detail but as of now I am stuck and annoyed. It worked before, why not now?

    These errors:

    2018-07-02 13_24_59-Fantasy Grounds Account.png
    2018-07-02 13_29_43-Fantasy Grounds Updater.png

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    Hey Captain, welcome to the forums.

    Are you using MalwareBytes? A recent update of theirs a couple weeks ago is known to block FG from updating. If so, you'll need to change/turn-off MWB during the update. Exact steps can be found if you search the forums here for malwarebytes. (Sorry, I don't remember the steps)

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    Indeed, this looks like the Malewarebytes issue. See the second news item on your Steam page for Fantasy Grounds. To solve the issue switch of the enhanced web thingie in MWB.
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    Thank you I would not have guessed MWB would have been the thing killing it. I will look for these steps.

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    I am having the same issue but, I do not have MWB installed on this computer. This started happening today.

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    Welcome HelmutVon

    If you are with Comcast, Cox, Shaw or Xfinity there is a sticky thread you should check.

    Something is blocking you from accessing the update servers.

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