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    A small favour to ask...

    I wonder if someone who can do coding for FG would be able to help me with something? Some time ago Valerian (i think) modified the old Star Wars D6 ruleset for me, changing the Force Skills to magical skills, and the character sheet is great. I am going to be using this for playtesting but have run into an issue with the NPC sheets. The ruleset is based on the old D20 one, and the NPC's still have D20 stats.

    I have identified which section of code allows new skills to be added to the character sheet (either the big window in the skills tab or the bottom left window in the Abilities tab) and i just need a single tab on the NPC's which is a duplicate of one of these windows (or just allows skills in the correct format to be added).

    I have spent a couple of hours trying various things, but because i have almost no ability with coding, i cannot get it to work. As that is time i could have spent actually writing the book, it is not productive use of my time when i am fairly sure someone who knows what they are doing could do this in 10min...

    If anyone can lend a hand, PM me and i can share the ruleset with you !

    Thanks in advance

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    No-one can do a bit of appropriately placed cutting and pasting?? I can offer a load of complimentary RPG pdf's...

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    I doubt very much its 10mins of cut and paste.
    You can send it to me but no guarantees.

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    Cheers for that. It is really only recreating a frame from the main character sheet in place of what is there on the NPC sheet. The file is here:


    When you click on the main Skills window, you can right click to add a skill with an associated stat and then assign Dice and Pips (the two boxes). These are then rolled when you double click on the skill.

    Ideally, the NPC sheet would have a tab with one of these windows on that you can add skills/stats/damages etc to as they all use the same D and pips format. Almost nothing else on the NPC sheet is needed (except maybe Initiative).

    Thank you for this

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    Whoohoo!! Done it. As it happens i was able to copy and paste the code and it all seems to work... I need to test it fully, but no errors so far!

    Ah, not quite. I now have one fillable skill, but cannot add another. Hmmm...
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    I have uploaded the npc sheet file here:


    I added in lines 393-548 from the charsheet_abilities.xml

    I am now not sure how to allow more skills to be created or, if it is easier, just pre-set ten or so skills on there?
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    I might have it now...

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