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    Quote Originally Posted by HoloGnome View Post
    I'm trying to create a character. Entering level just requires trivial number field certification and shouldn't be locked. Also, if there are text key names that the code requires for some reason, then use a pop-up.

    For example, there are 6 stat names and a minimal number of classes and archetypes. Or, certify the user entry against known class and archetype names and delete if invalid. Again, it's a short list. There should be no need to lock these fields and prevent direct basic user maintenance.
    There is a extensive Character Creation and Level wizard built into the rule set, Unlocking some fields for direct input breaks this wizard, I have 98% of the users wanting more automation than there is with 2% that want it all manual input.
    The list of Classes and archtypes is low but it is getting bigger.
    If you want a Class entered that is not already there you can create the Class and take advantage of the automation built in.
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    From the standpoint of usability, I guess I don't agree. Philosophically, locking these fields forces non-technical users to have to buy further content they don't have access to when they buy the base version of FG.

    For level, entering a single master level number should never break anything and the ruleset changes should immediately key off of that master level entry (HP, SP, etc.).
    For class or archetype names, if there is a known list (and it is relatively short), it should be easy to offer a lookup (menu or cert.) as a key input and everything downstream follows the top-level class selection.
    Stat names follow from class. Skill ranks follow from class and INT. And, I guess when it comes down to it, level follows from XP. So, even without a pop-up, if I were to type an exactly matching known class name like "Mystic" and enter 4 XP, you would have all the info you need to automate from that window. You know you are creating a Mystic/2 with Wisdom as the primary stat and the number of skill ranks it should have based on INT (and dynamically calculated whenever INT changes). And...this thought experiment obviously doesn't preclude other existing top-level automation from the CRB content. They're not mutually exclusive.

    So, some day, it would be great if the code were user-friendly enough to handle basic manual user entry of key lookup items, whether it's a level change, a class change, etc.

    I understand that this kind of change represents more work when you are probably already overworked and that you don't want to do it...and maybe there are other priorities. Totally understandable. But, in the abstract, it should be programmatically straightforward and could easily mimic entry points in the existing automation. And I realize there are dependencies...but software architecture can usually account for those.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. It's nice to see the Starfinder client making progress. I have definitely been digging into to it to make a character, and I know I'm not the average user. I hope the various other reports are helping you out.
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    If the current ruleset doesn't meet your needs, feel free to write an extension to override the character sheet and supporting code. That is typically the best way to get your code looked at by the developers, and possibly included in future releases
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    OK, thanks. And if there is ever a chance to improve the architecture for keyed items such as level derived from XP and basic class names, I hope it can become more open to support manual entry.
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