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    Release Updates on 6/5/2018

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the book for the updated module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    The following products have been updated.

    Meanders Map Pack: Venmire Woods
    • [Fixed] Not opening in rulesets other than 5E.

    Mongoose Traveller 1E
    • [Added] New worlds data
    • [Added] Custom alien races

    A09: Rogue Wizard
    • [Fixed] Publisher name
    • [Fixed] Various bugs

    Starfinder Ruleset
    • [Fixed] Party sheet not showing PC coin amount.
    • [Fixed] Resolve system. The system works as designed in both Host and Client modes.
    • [Fixed] Ability to use a Spells to Restore SP
    • [Updated] Heal now can do HP/SP and TEMP (Selected in the Spell editor).
    • [Fixed] Stable/Dying and Unconscious not being removed from CT when a PC is healed from 0 HP
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