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Thread: 13A Bug Reports

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    I'll do some experimentation and get back to you. If we could only see the code ourselves, it would be easier to track down...

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    I think I've isolated the problem - it seemed to be triggering the error if I had assigned an implement to attack/damage power action. When I remove those, it works fine.

    I have the implement listed at the top of the window as the default one, so I hope it will still pick up the magic item bonus from there.

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    I don't fully understand your description, can you provide an example?

    EDIT: I see the "Imp" box for attack/damage actions. But I can't repro the error you're seeing. An example would be helpful.
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    Ok, I got a repro finally. I need to add some tooltips to the controls. I'm still learning how a lot of this stuff works in 13th Age and it was totally unclear to me that the "Imp" control is an index back to items on the Combat tab. I thought it was just a flat bonus field.

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    Fix has been checked in and marked for hotfix. Not sure if it will make today's update, or later this week.

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