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Thread: 13A Bug Reports

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    Yeah, that's exactly what was happening. Once I figured out that's what happened I knew how to avoid it.

    I figured I'd share the bug anyway since if it does happen it completely locks up that character's Powers tab. Closing and reopening the campaign doesn't correct the issue, and being forced to have to remake a character because of a bug would be a huge bummer.

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    I found that actions that change current hitpoints/wounds are generating an error:
    Handler error: [string "13th_Age:scripts/manager_action_damage.lua"]:1679: bad argument #1 to 'insert' (table expected, got nil)

    This happened when I used a recovery and when a character took damage. I was using the base module and running the campaign without any extensions.
    Screenshot 2023-05-20 211841.jpg
    Screenshot 2023-05-20 211833.jpg

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    I just pushed a hot fix for that ruleset. Can you run a new Check for Updates, and try again?


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    That's got it, thanks!

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    My crew is making some custom spells for our game and we found we can't configure an Attack to use level like parsed Powers do.
    Screenshot 2023-05-29 124613.png
    Without using parsing, the yellow highlighted value is a number field that can't be changed to Lvl+ like the parsed spell highlighted in green has.
    We have a work around, to type in something like Attack: Intelligence + Level vs. PD, parse, and then type in the rest of the spell, so it isn't of immediate concern.

    We're also experiencing some issues with Recharge abilities not showing up correctly on the Powers tab on a character sheet. Recharge abilities take on the Daily Powers category color, but fall under the Battle Powers.
    I tried working around this by typing "Daily Recharge: X+" under the recharge category, but it still was stuck under Battle Powers.
    Recharge abilities getting their own category (perhaps in Blue?) would be easiest for me and my players, but second best would be them showing up under Daily Powers like their ability color suggests.

    Lastly, we're working on a custom module for 13th Age and exported it as a Player Module that was not Read-Only, however when players go to pull these abilities from the newly made non-read-only module and put them on their character sheet, Powers/Talents/etc are still stuck in Read-Only mode for players joining the server.
    I noticed that the Power put on the character sheet links directly to the module's entry of that power, rather than creating a new entry on the character sheet itself that could be modified as needed by the players, like the way it works in the D&D 5E ruleset.
    We also made note that you can't copy Talents/Feats/etc from one character to another which might be related to the issue of things getting linked in that section instead of getting copied.
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    Thanks for the reports.

    For the stat modifier and the daily category for Recharge powers, that is now fixed in the beta Test channel for release in June (probably around mid-June).

    For the player module, this was a choice made by the original developer of the ruleset, so it's not something that is part of the maintenance that our company updates on rulesets without active developers. I'll reach out to the last community developer that offered some minor patches to see if they have bandwidth to look at it.


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    Is it normal that armor and shields in the inventory are not linked to the AC calculation in the main tab?
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    Hi, DEVs!
    I have experienced a bug where all attacks hit unless a natural 1 e rolled. The system is simply ignoring all defenses.
    Attack that should hit.png Attack that should not hit.png
    Giant Scorpion's AC is 15

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    Thanks for reporting. I just pushed a hot fix that I think should address this. Please run a new Check for Updates, and try again.


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