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Thread: 13A Bug Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    Just pushed hot fix for this. Please update; and let us know if you are still getting errors.

    I finally had my full game as GM, and it is looking all good to me.

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    Yep - all seems to be working as it always did.

    There are two outstanding problems (that occur every time for me) which would be amazing if they could be fixed:

    1) Ongoing Damage is inflicted at the start of a character's turn, rather than the end, which means that I sometimes end up needing to manually give them the hp back if they get a save during their turn for some reason;
    2) Miss damage doesn't seem to work properly for powers - as far as I can tell, level is being doubled and tripled at Champion and Epic tier (similarly to how attribute bonuses to damage are), which shouldn't happen.


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    Hi everyone, I will be taking over as the new community developer for the 13th Age Ruleset. I will make sure I have tracking on any issues reported in this thread that haven't yet been addressed by the ones who came before (looks at previous post by @DarkEbon)

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    A minor thing I have noticed now with the more recent updates is that on the Combat tab of characters, it is listing Fortitude and Will instead of Physical Defense and Mental Defense.

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