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    Ableton Live Lite and LK Midi Controller

    Ok, just wanted to share something I thought was cool for my FG sessions. I currently use the Syrinscape Fantasy Player to stream sounds over clenafeed to my players. I love using the DOE: Sound extension to auto trigger sounds that are triggered in FG chat. I use some of the Syrinscape moods as well, but I enjoy creating custom sound tracks with other sound files I've compiled over the last few years. So, I bought a package about a year ago that bundled a bunch of fantasy sounds, a novation launch control pad and Ableton Live Lite. The reason for this post is I found a program called LK that allows you to trigger tracks in ableton live lite from your ipad, iphone or other tablet/device. Ableton Live Lite comes bundled with a lot of other devices. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to truly get it free, but I think there are pretty inexpensive devices it comes bundled with.

    I love that LK lets me either plug my ipad into my computer through a usb port OR connect to it wirelessly to free up even more. Its nice not to have to jump over to my ableton live screen to trigger sounds. I can just use my ipad to trigger the sound, turn individual track volumes up or down, pan left/right, etc... Anyway. Just a fun use that I thought might inspire others.

    Here is the link. Oh.. LK costs about $6.99 I think to unlock. You just need the "matrix" module, not the whole module. Here are some images from my ableton live lite screen on my PC and my ipad. These sounds are a custom set I compiled for Tomb of Horrors.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Absolutely, your setup sounds killer for gaming! Iíve done something similar for our RPG nights, and itís totally transformed the experience. Itís super slick to have all those sounds right at your fingertips without getting tangled in cables or switching windows. And going wireless? Best. Decision. Ever.

    For anyone else in the gaming community looking to level up their audio game or just snag some pro tips, check here for Ableton insights. This resource has been a goldmine for me. Got a ton of useful tips that could really up your sound game.
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    You can also manually trigger the sounds via Stream Deck. Search the forum for discussions about that. Used Discord with Stream Deck and VoiceMeeter Banana to pipe the audio into discord. No Syrinscape was used.

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