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    Thank you both for your responses, in the meantime I'll deactivate/activate GM rolls when I'm about to generate a parcel.

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    I've added the option to set the generated parcel as "GM Only" or "default". You can find the option in the main FG options window.
    default - Parcel visibility will be set according to the "Chat: Show GM Rolls" option.
    GM Only - Parcels will always be GM only regardless of "Chat: Show GM Rolls" option.

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    You are my Hero, thank you Sir for this quality of life improvement.

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    Hi, thank you for the extension.
    I cant get it to work. The result from clicking on the "Generate Random Treasure Parcel" on the encounter tab always result on the same table "Individual Treasure: Challenge 00-04" despite of the level of the encounter and the i got always 1 on the dice result:

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    FG won't understand your second line on your table. Remove the quotes since that will basically stop the table from going further than line 1.
    If you need to contact customer support or if there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here

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    The extension will attempt to check that you have a complete set of tables. If it fails the check, it will use the default tables. In your case, there are no tables for CR >9. You can change the table name of the last table to "CR 5+" or create new tables for higher CR's. (Naming the last/highest table with a single number 'x' will cover all CR's 'x' or higher. An equivalent name for the purposes of the extension would be "CR x-99"

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    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here or not, but when I tried to test this, all that's getting put into the parcel is coins, its not doing gems, art or items

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olog View Post
    Here are some sample random treasure tables for use with the extension. They ultimately call back to the DMG tables, but adds more variety than just coins for individual treasures.

    Load this mod, copy the tables into your own campaign, then you can unload the mod.

    I tried with this, and also tried to copy them to my campaign (and the unload it).

    Result: If I roll from the Tables (i.e. 'CR 11-16', etc), it works (just need to specify 'parcel' output).

    However, if I roll from an ecounter using the button 'Generate Random Treasure Parcel', the first die is allways 'd1' - which basically only produces '1' as result.

    I get same result as the video from the dropbox above here too.

    So it looks like that button has some bugs.

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    Got it to work....

    I dragged the example tables ('CR 11-16', etc) to the group 'Random Treasure Generator Extension'. It then works from Encounters

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