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    Known bug in 3.3.6a. Update to 3.3.7 and update the extension.

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    Hi All,

    The DOE:REMU has been offically retired and is no long supported.

    It was an experiment in Community Content development that was never embraced by the FG Community Devs. This, coupled with the awful, awful "hacks" that we had to use to get it to work properly (due to the imposed limitations of the FG Engine) means that it was never a success - a worthwhile experiment, but a failure nether-the-less.

    Thanks to all who tried out the DOE:REMU and to those that reported bugs, etc - I learnt a lot in writting and using it myself - both from a technical point of view and a from a community development point of view.


    I'm now closing this Thread.

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