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    Tabaxi and Aasimar Tokens

    Iím looking for some Tabaxi and Aasimar tokens. I have a Tabaxi rogue and an Aasimar bard in my Sunless Citadel game with my family. I have top down tokens for the other PCs but I donít want to add them until I have tokens for everyone. Iím willing to buy token packs if they contain the tokens I need.

    Any help/suggestions?

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    I can’t point you anywhere specific but you may have more luck using POGS if you want specific images. Use Tokentool or similar to make tokens from images that you find on the net.
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    Go to Pinterest find a few pictures you like and then crop them into a token - think passport photo headshot.
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    Darkwoulfe has a nice token pack you can buy for Tabaxi. He called it fantasy cat folk for copyright purposes. Many of his token packs are available on the FG store but I didn't see that particular one available. It is available on several sites. If you are handy with a program like photoshop or gimp you can get some wing images and attach them to a human or elf image to create an aasimar!


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