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    Looks like we might have another VPN option, and it appears like they support port forwarding.


    I found it because Mozilla is partnering with them.

    Edit: Wow, they are serious about privacy.


    Put the money in an envelope together with the payment token and send it to us. We will open the envelope, add time to the account (corresponding to the amount of cash sent), and then use a shredder to destroy the envelope and its non-money contents.

    We have no way of knowing who made the payment and who the account belongs to. Even if a person were to address the envelope, there is still no way to prove that he or she generated the account or is even using it. Please avoid writing your name or address on the envelope.

    The GDPR does not apply in this case since the personal data on the envelope does not form a part of a filing system and are not intended to form part of a filing system.

    This is what we store when a cash payment comes iną:

    payment | account number | amount | currency | timestamp
    xxxxxx | xxxxxxxxxxxx | 5.0 | USD | 2016-12-09 10:38:23
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    Thanks Paul.

    To have it added to the list please post instructions on hw to set it up specifically for TCP1802 or other way that supports FG.

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    I haven't tried it yet, my system is down. But seeing as how I have xfinity I'll be setting this up and giving it a test drive sometime soon.
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