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Thread: Conan 2d20

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    It's down to using some half functioning community ruleset or nothing. I'd just find a different game to play....

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodmanje View Post
    It's down to using some half functioning community ruleset or nothing. I'd just find a different game to play....
    Yeah, it is a joke

    "I anticipate, with everything going smoothly, we're a couple of months away from releasing the rule set"

    ... that was what... four months ago?

    "I'm afraid I don't have any significant news to report. We're still negotiating with Fantasy Grounds on the agreement. A current priority is to drive the Wave 3 books to completion."

    And this was from a bit over 1 month ago.

    I would love confirmation from Smiteworks on whether they are actually in some weird limo of discussions or whether Modiphius is just blowing smoke and tarnishing SW's reputation as a means of distracting the backers.

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    I have had friendly emails with Chris Birch and Sam of Modiphius and we would be happy to get an agreement in place for distribution if they have a ruleset available and ready for release. As far as I know, I don't think there are any pending negotiations. They just need to sign the agreement I provided for them in May 2019. There were no issues raised to me about the terms we gave them.

    I have not seen the ruleset at all. They were working with a developer who has never delivered a finished ruleset to us for commercial release. Separate from the Publisher Agreement is that we need to run the ruleset through a basic quality control pass. This would be secondary to their own internal reviews.

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    Yea, I bought the rule book thinking something was going to be released. That was money wasted.... Should have known better. And I have zero interest in using Morecore to play anything on FG.

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    They probably failed to pull it off and don't want to take responsibility for it. Modiphius, not Smite Works.

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    Today's update at the KS comments: "We should have an official reply pretty soon."

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    Latest KS update:

    "As for Fantasy Grounds, the development team are testing it at the moment, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more updates on it!"

    This fills me with great joy! Almost as much as seeing my enemies writhing before me... But it's close...

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    Fingers crossed...

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    Good news...
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Lol, I will believe it when I see it. They have outwardly posted incorrect information in the past like saying they were waiting on smiteworks.

    And that it was just around the corner.

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