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    Pathfinder: Hell's Rebels - Wednesday or Thursday Evening North American Eastern

    FG License: GM has Ultimate. Demo Players welcome
    Game System: Pathfinder

    Time Zone: North American Eastern (GMT -5)
    Day of week and time: Thursday. 7:00pm EDT to no later than 10:30pm.
    Planned start date: Session 0 will take place either Wednesday April 4th or Thursday April 5th and will give players a chance to build their characters and work out background hooks with each other. The first session will take place 1 week later.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Playing Weekly. Sessions will be 3+ hours generally.
    Term: Until the Adventure Path is complete.

    Text or Voice: Voice Required
    Voice software used: Discord

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50, The expectation is that there will be a number of RP opportunities. The adventure will present the characters with a number of different challenges and not all of them are intended to be overcome by combat alone. Players should have well thought out concepts and backgrounds.
    Number of Players in game & needed: We're looking for 1-2 more players to join in. There are currently 3 players committed to either of these days. 4-5 players would be ideal.
    Character starting level & equipment: Starting level will be level 1. Characters will start with max gold. Anything outside stock items will be judged on an individual basis.
    Character restrictions: No firearms, so only the Crossbow archtype for Gunslingers. Races outside of Core Races will need a strong concept/background to be considered. 3rd party sources will generally be disallowed. Characters are expected to be good or neutral. No evil characters.

    Link to Gamecalendar page: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calen...ex.xcp?id=3026

    Hi All,
    I've been playing on Fantasy Grounds for close to 3 years now as both a player and a GM. I have played in several Pathfinder games and have been running a Kingmaker game for almost a year and a Rise of the Runelords game for the past several months so I have some solid experience with the system. I try to run games that have a good mix of both RP and combat and like most the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path provides the potential for a great mix of both. If your primary interest is in hack 'n' slash, tactical simulations, if you are greatly concerned with min/maxing, or if you are very interest in strict interpretation of the rules, if these are the most important things to you to make your gaming experience enjoyable, my game will probably not be for you. If you are interested in a healthy mix of combat and non combat scenes, if you are interested in roleplaying and developing a character and creating a story together, hopefully my style will appeal to you. Players that are new to Fantasy Grounds or Pathfinder are welcome. If you are interested in joining in, please respond to this post or send me a private message with some details about your experience (with Fantasy Grounds and RPGs in general) and what you would like to get out of the game. What's most important to your enjoyment of the game. As well, if you have a basic concept that you're interested in playing, knowing that would be helpful too. Please note that characters will be made during the first game session, with players collaborating to build up a group together. Having a concept in mind is helpful, having some creative notions about directions you might to know are great to share, but please do not be absolutely dead set on exactly what you want to play coming in. A degree of flexibility always helps groups function better.

    A couple of other quick notes to bear in mind...
    -I'm not recruiting on a first come, first serve basis. At least not for a long term campaign. I'm looking for players that are going to fit in. That is not necessarily the first person to say that they're interested.
    -If you sign up on the Game Calendar and make no effort to message me or post here, I'm not even going to consider you. When we run campaigns we're making a pretty substantial commitment of time and are asking you to make the same. If I can't tell that you even took the time to read this post, I really have no basis to assume that you're likely to be good with committing 3+ hours a week for the next 6+ months.
    -When you let me know that you're interested, just as is requested above, it's important to give me a little more. What is it that you look for in your gaming experience? What is it about this particular campaign that makes it look like it is worth your time? What type of character is it that you want to play? Are you familiar with Fantasy Grounds? Are you familiar with Pathfinder? There are no wrong answers to any of these questions and I'm not looking for an essay. But I'm looking for fit and just saying 'I'd like to play' doesn't help all that much with that.


    The city of Kintargo has long been a safe haven for artists, freethinkers, and those marginalized by the oppressive Chelish government, but now the city has been placed under martial law by inquisitor Barzillai Thrune. When a protest turns into a riot, a new group of heroes comes together to form an organized resistance against the devil-binding government and the church of Asmodeus—but can they survive long enough to establish allies? Rebel against the system. Oppose the tyrannical government of a once great nation and find a way to independence. Or will they become the latest victims of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune?
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    hi. i'm interested. will send you a pm. thx for offering this up.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Hello Dkyrn

    So a little about me. I am completely new to FG, as evidenced by my post count. I have been on Roll20 for some time now, and thought I would give FG a shot. I am liking what I have seen so far and would like to get into a long term game. I have been with Pathfinder since its 3.5 roots and while I am a bit anxious about the upcoming 2nd Edition, I still have quite a few AP's that I have yet to play. I was able to get into a Hell's Rebels group but we made it all of two sessions before the DM had to leave for unknown reasons, and it was over a year ago so the only thing I remember is that it starts off with a r... well, you know.

    I am looking to get into a game where the players are mature enough to be able to keep the game moving without becoming mired in "my character can do X better then yours" conversations as well as show up on time or at least within a minute or two of the start time. I would like a DM who knows the format and can handle the group going left when they should have gone right without sicking the dragon on us. Other than that, I am a fairly easy going person looking to play my favorite game with a like minded crew.

    I wish to play Hell's Rebels as I have always enjoyed the good vs. evil set up. I "like" to play a paladin, not just for the damage he or she can deal but for the ideal behind the class and I think Hell's Rebels sets you up to do that. Granted I might be wrong, but from what I have heard its a good place to bring your "Good" characters. While I would like to play a paladin, I am willing to fill any need the party may have. After paladin, I like to play either arcane or skill based characters. I will hold off on making up any backgrounds until I hear from you. I think I have answered everything you wanted, if not please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Or if your full up then I wish you all the best and have a great game!!
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    Hello there! I'm interested in joining your group. The date and time fot perfectly to my schedule.
    I've been playing RPG since I was 14. I'm 37 now and don't intend to stop playing. I'm brazilian but my english skills are good enough. I've played D&D since it was AD&D up until 5e and have played PF a few times too. I have played GURPS, M&M, WH40K, Star Wars (both d20 and FFG), and Savage Worlds. I currently GM two 5e campaigns and play on a PF, all of those on FG.
    I tend to play wizards or rogues because I feel they are more useful in the field and not only good at combat, but this time I wanted to play a psychic character (if that is alowed). I'm a very flexible player, so I can play whatever if that benefits the group (just not bards, please! My artistic vein is VERY limited).
    I have been on a bunch on games where players were immature or not commited. Your description caught my attention because it seems you don't have those. Honestly I've never heard of this AP, but it seems your group is exactly what I've been looking for.
    I hope to hear from you soon!

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    I'd love to get into this -- I am on PST, the start of 7pm EST (4pm for me) would be right when I get off work. I could start at 4:30-5pm (7:30-8pm EST) Are we sure the time is locked in?

    I had a tabletop group and we were doing Hells Rebels, but the group dissolved at 3rd level. I would LOVE to bring the same PC in (Ratfolk Urban Druid/Alchemist) and keep at the AP -- even if joining late when the group is around that progress. I tend to play utility and skill monkey types, and enjoy the thought exercise of employing tactical planning principles on my off-game-time to our in-game goals (I'm retired military.) I also tend to play conniving and scheming types. Not evil, but willing to cross into gray areas to achieve party goals.

    As far as play style, I enjoy social roleplay (adding to the experience through narrative to enhance what is occurring and not just saying, "I make a XXXX check.") If I notice other players are hanging back until time to cast or fight, I engage them in the social play, asking open-ended questions that do not allow for just a yes or no. As far as goals, I want enrich my RP experience through meeting new people and experiencing their style of play also... to learn form them and their approach to in-game situations.
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    The game time is now locked into a Thursday, 7pm EDT start. We are still looking for 1 more player.

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    Well met. I am EST and my Thursday evenings are currently open.

    A bit about me. I have been playing RPG's for 10+ years with experience in Pathfinder, D&D, Shadowrun, and Starfinder. I have yet to play on Fantasy grounds but I am a quick study with Tech related things. (IT guy by trade)

    I have played in campaigns that went two sessions in a row with nothing but Social Encounters, and also have played in "murder hobo" style games. Like most things in life a good balance is where I like to be.

    I am unfamiliar with this particular Adventure Path. Character wise I would be willing to fill any needed Gaps in the party. Creating an interesting Character is half the fun eh?

    Look forward to hearing from you.
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    Posting my interest.

    I would love to get in on a Pathfinder adventure path. I have extensive FG experience, but all of it 5+ years old. I have been playing the dnd since advanced, and have stuck with pathfinder over 5th (still havent tried it).

    I would love to try my hands at an Oracle, or a Bloodrager, or a Druid Or possibly a Sorcerer. Not necessarily in that order. I tend to always play the Rogue and would like a change.

    I have played (most of) Rise of the Runelords and Skull and Shackles, but have no experience with Hell's Rebels. I tend to side towards the tactics of combat but love a fun character and good rp.

    I have some experience with other settings, but really enjoy Pathfinder. I would love to get involved in a long term game and finally see a character reach 20 before everyone stops playing the system.
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    hey, dkyrn — my schedule has changed back to normal again. just looking to see if there’s a slot open to rejoin. (can jump in tonight’s session if games time’s still the same). thx
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Is it a new version?

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