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Thread: Effects Lists

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    Thanks @deer_buster and HeckoX I got it working. I never realized that was possible to do this on the Action tab.
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    This thread has been a big help! trying to get one of the PCs, biohacker abilities created ... which took awhile to figure out ... and now, thanks to the effects list (page 3) ... think I can finish them up.

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    FGU Operative trick attack

    I noticed that some of the Starfinder coding effects here don't always work on Fantasy Grounds Unity. Here is a version of Trick Attack for an operative that does work on FGU as of today's version (9/26/20). Some of the things that really threw me were semi-colons versus colons, and lower case vs upper case sensitivity. Also knowing to target self or targets is tricky. attached is a screenshot with the magnifying glass menus opened to see the coding effect.
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